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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aeisya - Birth Story

Waiting game is on

I have been working on the birth of my little princess since she was born. But, I did not get to finish it till she is almost 2 months old. Okay, let me try to finish it.

Here goes nothing.

My mom told me that baby has dropped. So, for me the clock is ticking - tick tock tick tock. But, I was still busy at work and I was so tired day in day out.

Since I had my appointment with Dr. Idora on the 23rd, she gave me 1 week of MC starting the 25th. Throughout the week, I was on nesting mode - preparing the hospital bag for the baby and the parents, cleaning, gathering baby's stuff together. At the same time, I was taking my own sweet time doing all those stuff as I was in 'recovering' mode from tiredness. 

Another appointment with Dr. Idora. Everything seemed fine however bad news approached. Dr. Idora will be out of town from 3rd-6th June for conference. How sad I was and worried! I really hope that my baby would come before she leaves or after her conference. But she did mention that Dr. Paul will be replacing her while she was gone. The good news was he supports natural birth.  

No sign of labor yet but my right eye was having an infection. 
So, I went to the a physician on the 3rd to get an ointment for the infected eye. Right after that, I went to Paradigm Mall to get some stuff. I walked around the mall and got myself tired. I tried to take things slow as I was worried that the labor might approach. First hint - a mother's instinct. 

4/6/2015 - The day has come
3.30am : I woke up for the usual toilet routine and I had my first labour sign (bloody show). I was counting the days till Dr. Idora comes back. When I was in labour the first time around, I gave birth to Ariz 2 days after the bloody show. I was happy maybe I will manage to give birth after Dr Idora's conference.

4.00am : The first surges came after the bloody show. I could not go back to sleep thinking and I was holding myself not to wake Afif up.

Throughout the day, I was trying to be passive, not doing anything. So, I ended up watching comedy shows and was laughing really hard. I messaged Kak Nadine Ghows (she was my birth instructor and I went to her for AMANI birth during my first pregnancy) a few times during the day to inform her and to be comforted. 

5.30pm : Afif messaged to tell me he was coming back home late and he wanted me to pick Ariz up from the nursery. Yes, my first son was at the nursery. Mama was too tired little munchkin. Imagine how I drove the car while having my surges.

After 6pm : I had constant surges and it was painful for me to sit hard wooden kitchen chair. So, I sat on the gym ball to feed Ariz. However, I kept going back to my bedroom to just concentrate on my surges. From there on, my parents took care of Ariz.

8.30pm - 9.45pm :  Afif came back and I was concentrating on the surges. Afif lit up the candle just like before. Then, I started to time my surges. My guts were telling me not to go to the hospital just yet but I was in doubt. 

So, I messaged Kak Nadine for her advice and opinion on going to the hospital since my water has not broke yet. It was hard for her to tell based on my situation (at that time, my surges 40second in duration, 3 minutes apart and I was waiting for my water to broke first) but she advised me to make my way if it was getting more intense. But, her message came in when I was already in the hospital

9.50pm :  My instinct now told me to go to the hospital. So, Afif was already ready and had the hospital bags in the car. I said goodbyes to my parents and especially to my boy, Ariz. Ariz wanted to follow and he started to cry. It's ok Ariz, come and visit mama and papa and little baby tomorrow ok?

The journey to Pantai Hospital, Bangsar was not as smooth as I wanted at that hour. It was raining before and Federal Highway was all jammed up.

10.30pm : Arrived at the hospital at last. I was being wheeled directly to the labour suite while Afif parked the car.
The nurse asked me to pass urine and them climbed up on to the bed. She strapped the CTG and did VE. Upon arrival, I was already 7cm dilated. So, that confirmed my hospital admission. 
One by one nurse came into the room to either take my temperature, blood pressure, if I wanted the gas to relieve the pain (twice) or personal details. I was annoyed, could not even concentrate on the surges and Afif was not there since he was asked to settle with the admission. 

Approximately 10.50pm : I was already feeling pushy but Afif and the doctor were not there yet. So, the nurse asked me to hold on till at least, my husband came back as she was messaging my back. 
The nurse asked if I have my birth plan and it was with Afif. So, I pointed out the major points on my birth plan - minimal VE (I was VE-ed three prior - the last VE, I was already 10cm, 20 minutes after the first VE), intermittent CTG, change into any position as I please, drink and eat whenever I want to. Alhamdulillah, she respected my birth plan. She even asked me if I had followed any hypnobirthing class. Sadly no, but I read and practiced the breathing technique. 
Suddenly, I felt my water broke and informed them.
Since I was already 10cm dilated and Afif was already in the room, the nurse said if I feel like pushing, go ahead. I did not even changed into the hospital gown. I changed my position to all-fours and started to breath out my baby as I was being coached by the nurse. Afif messaged my back over and over again while holding my hands. Then, the Dr. Paul arrived in the room and told us that we were doing a good job. Yes, I did feel the ring of fire. Dr Paul did ask Afif if he wanted to see the baby's head but he could not see it because I was holding onto his hands. Sorry sayang, just wanted to know you were there. 

11.02pm : Just within minutes, Alhamdulillah, I safely delivered my baby girl at week 38. Her birth weight was 2.93kg. I had to re-position myself as I wanted to have skin-to-skin session. We delayed the cord clamping for 15 minutes until it stopped pulsation. 

Dr. Paul and the nurses left us for sometimes for some privacy, initiate breastfeeding and birth the placenta. Placenta came out within 30 minutes and no drugs were taken. Alhamdulillah.

12 am : Dr Paul came back and stitch me up. To my surprise, it was not even 5 minutes to complete the whole procedure.

2am : We were given the green light to go to our room and rest. 

I was wide awake and so full of energy after the delivery. So, we informed our family and friends about the good news. I guess that was the oxytocin.

Syukur Alhamdulillah and we want to thank our family and friends who prayed for the safe delivery, Dr Paul and the nurses who respected my request, Kak Nadine for her support and advice and the Gentle Birthing Group, Facebook support group which gave me all the positive vibes. Alhamdulillah, another gentle normal birth for me. Syukur syukur.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Salam Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf Zahir Batin