Thursday, February 05, 2015

Set Kurus Bajet

Set Kurus Bajet

Now, under GLAM, we are promoting 2 types of Set Bajet Kurus. I am sure you have come across the posts on the promo on Instagram #setkurusbajet.

What is Set Kurus Bajet?
There is 2 packages of Set kurus bajet  and each of the packages comes with either Package A ( Garlic Tablet, BV Alfalfa and Mineral Coffee) or Package B ( BV Alfalfa and Bamboo salt drink)

Package A:

Package B:

Don't worry in my upcoming posts, I will tell you more about the benefits of each products. In Sya Allah.

Here are some testimonial and there's more on instagram #pbwonders

After giving birth to Ariz, I was able to fit back in my Nikah dress. Just by wearing Premium Beautiful Corset.
My mentor Naa Kamaruddin used traditional corset after her first delivery and then switched to Premium Corset after the second. The result is surprising! Lost 14 after 3 months! amazing isn't it!
Shaliza Aziz : Combining Premium Beautiful Corset and together with Set Kurus Bajet. 
My fellow Beautiful Circles' sister, Lily Marliza. Yes, it works!

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