Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hai-O Garlic Tablet

Hai-O Garlic

In Set Kurus Bajet, there is an item which is called Hai-O Garlic. Hai-O Garlic is extracted from active composition of raw garlic through a technical process, in which its nutritional value is retained but pungent flavour
and natural odour removed. Each garlic tablet containts 100% of garlic extract powder.  *source taken from Hai-omarketing website*

Garlic is widely known as a kind of spice commonly used as a flavouring. Garlic has been a highly known as well as healthy food through the ages. It is used in both culinary and medical purposes.

Honestly, I love putting garlic in my pasta, on top of bread (garlic bread, yummy!) and lots more! You name it!

Studies shos garlic may lower breast, colon, stomach, throat and skin cancer risks. It is heart-healthy as it's been shown to prevent clotting.

On top of that, garlic could :

Look at the reason #4! That is one of the reasons why Hai-O Garlic is consisted in the Set Kurus Bajet! Interested, contact me at 012-387 5486.