Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ariz swims

Ariz Swims

During Chinese New Year holiday, Afif and I did not plan to go anywhere but we had been wanting to bring him for a swim. The reason is Ariz loves water and would spend an ample amount of time during his bath time. 

Water excited him and why not bring him to a pool where water is everywhere. Maybe to any river or beaches later on.

We went twice for a swim - in Putrajaya and also in Bukit Jalil and his reaction was exactly the same.

Ariz's excited faces
We brought him to Hippopo Baby Spe & Wellness in Bandar Utama when he was 8 months old. Check out my blog post on it here. And at 16 months, he was excited as before.

Ariz's first swim at 8 months old