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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Long hiatus

Long Hiatus

It has been such long 3 months since I last blogged. And yes, it has been such a busy 3 months.
Started off with being a single mom for 10 days in September. Why? Afif went for induction program and I ended the days being super tired.  But, it was the time for Ariz and I to mingle.

Then, came October. 
The whole family went to Langkawi for our first family vacation after the arrival of Ariz. We had super fun doing around the island.

After having the vacation, it was then a bit of a blur. I was super busy with my work. 15 Oct 14, the boss decided to have 2 weeks (beginning and at the end of November) of meeting in Toulon, France. Yup, I  was busy preparing the letters and documents to be brought to France.

1 Nov 14. I knew that I had to sit for PTD exam but I was busy packing for France and not forgetting how anxious I was to leave Ariz behind since I still breastfeeds him. Left that night to France and spent a week full of work in France. No time for exploring the city at all!!
Port de Toulon

Came back, busy with work again! Compiling and submitting the work that was being set while I was in France. Another 2 weeks of preparing for the end of November trip to France again! Ended my November in France but it was nice to see the Christmas Market in the city. How I miss staying in France!

1 month to go before the year ends.
So far, December has not been very nice to me. I had 1 day MC due to flu, fever and sore throat and 3 days off due to conjunctivitis. But, at the same time, throughout the days off, I have been thinking about work and doing work at home. *sigh*

Alhamdulillah although I have been very busy and feeling really tired. The three of us is expecting another addition to the family. More updates soon.