Monday, September 08, 2014

The Color Run

The Color Run 

I have been seeing pictures online on The Color Run held in major cities around the globe and I was wondering when it will be organised in Malaysia. My sister who was in the US at that time joined as well the The Color Run and her Instagram photo made me so thrilled as she was covered in various colors.

So, my wish came true when one of my good friends shared the news on Facebook early June. I was so excited and I wanted to join the Happiest 5K right way.
Doesn't it look fun? I waited for a few weeks before the registration is opened and when it comes, I asked my family if they want to join as well. And yes, even my parents said ok with the plan. So, 6 of us registered and at that moment, I said to myself, I am going to bring Ariz along.
A week before the run, my sister picked up the race pack at e@curve on our behalf. In the pack, there were a t-shirt, a bib with our numbers, a headband, temporary tattoos and some pins. I sound excited because this is my first time joining a run.
On the day of the run, we left approximately around 6.15am after subuh prayer and headed straight to Sasana Kijang. Alhamdulillah the traffic was alright towards Sasana Kijang instead of towards Padang Merbok itself. We waited for Mas to join us and to pass her race pack then off we were to Padang Merbok.

At this moment, Ariz had just woken up and he was feeling alright. We headed our way to Padang Merbok where the run begins and ends. Upon arrival at Padang Merbok, we could see the participants started to gather at the starting line.
Ready to run the 5K!
At 7am, the participants started the race stages by stages. We started the race at 7.30am and at the same time, there were already people who had finished the race. Even before we started the run, we were already splashed with colors.
Starting line with Afif, Ariz, Mas, my sister, my brother and their friends
As we reached the mark of each kilometers, there was a setup where the crews threw us the colors. I could not remember which color was for which kilometer, but we changed from colors to colors, even Ariz's stroller. We took pictures with random people and most our pictures were photobombed. Super fun and super sweet memories.
I met few of my friends during the run but at first, I could not really recognize them due to the colors that were all over their faces and clothes. We completed the run in 1 hour and 15 minutes and joined the party after that at Padang Merbok. We continued to splash each other with colors distributed by the crew. 
The After party 
The Aftermath