Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Aidilfitri 2014

Aidilfitri 2014 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf zahir Batin

This year Hari Raya was a little different:
1. It was Baby Ariz's first Raya
2. My parents, siblings and us did celebrate Raya together.

We are together virtually.
My mom was in the US, my dad and siblings were in Kulim. As for us, we spent our first day Hari Raya at my grandmother's place in Petaling Jaya and also, my in-laws in Subang.
Purple is the theme on the eve of Raya
The night before, we were at my grandmother's house to break fast, help around, play with fire crackers and also, bertakbir. 

It has become a tradition to bertakbir from house to house the night before Raya and it has been a practice since I was living at my grandmother's place. 

That night, even Ariz followed his papa from house to house to bertakbir. Mama is proud of you little munchkin. On top of that, he received quite a number of Duit Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
The next morning, we got up and get ready. This year, we decided to be in all green, even Ariz. 

By the way, his modern baju melayu and baby mocassin is from BebeBundo. As for me, the baju kurung (yes, it is breastfeeding friendly) was made my lovely friend Sita of Unreveur and the shawl is from Purdy Petals. Afif's baju melayu was tailor made by Omar Ali. Ooops, end of advertisement.  

We arrived at my grandmother's place before the Raya prayers and we had our breakfast there. Ariz and I stayed back because usually the mosque will be very packed and it is uncomfortable for Ariz to be crawling around. I helped out my aunt, prepping some food before the other family members come and beraya. Once the prayers were done, we had our picture taken and we handed out Duit Raya to our little cousins.
Dessert prepare by my aunty Surya. She can do diaper cake, cupcake, cake etc..
When the afternoon arrived, it was timed for us to celebrate Raya at my in-laws place. Normally, my in-laws celebrate Raya in Perlis but this year is different because we are waiting for another baby niece to pop out from the oven. Yes, her due date was on the first day of Raya.

What did we do there?

Yes, another round of makan!

Second day of Raya, we headed back North - Afif's and my kampung. Alhamdulillah, the highway was ok but we had to be careful.
Our driver of the day
We went back to Perlis first and we arrived around 9pm. We were so exhausted and could not do anything. The next day, we went to a few houses around the area.

On the 4th day of Raya, we headed back to Kulim. We left approximately after lunch and arrived around 5pm. 
Paddy fields on our left and right. So peaceful!
Most of cousins were still there waiting for the guest  of honor to arrive. Who else, none other than Ariz! What did we do next? Yes, we took pictures since most of them were leaving that night.

The Tok Yam Selfie. Can you spot my grandmother?
Our stay was short but meaningful. We left for Petaling Jaya the next day because my mom was coming back on the 6th day of Raya, early morning. At last, the whole family is back together.