Friday, July 25, 2014

9 months old


I am in love with writing down, keeping a note on how my little munchkin is growing up. His dates and milestones. I think that it is such a great idea. However, I would think if I could film everything, it would be the best. The best example of it would be, my favourite YouTuber : Judy and her husband, Benji on It'sJudy'sLife. They vlogged their daily life on YouTube, well partially. I could go on and on about them but I'd rather talk about my little munchkin. 

People have been noticing that he has gone slimmer. All I can say, yes he is and he is a very active little baby! He has been interested in exploring the house, crawling here and there, going up the stairs, biting everything (yes!, including Afif and I) and starting to recognize people around him. His appetite is growing and yet, he looks slimmer. There are a number of occasions that he fell flat on the floor trying to balance himself and holding on to our laundry basket which has nothing it in. He has once fell off our bed but alhamdulillah, there was a pillow on the floor. 

Let's see what Ariz has become
  • Weight : 7.9kg (as of 23 June 2014)
  • Height : 
  • Important dates for Ariz
    • 7 June : Received his first balloon
    • 15 June (father's day dinner at Kokopelli) :  Sat on highchair & wore  his first football jersey
    • 18 June : First dental check up with Dr. Ib
    • 19 June : Ariz has started drinking water 
    • 23 June : Climbed approximately 10 steps of stairs