Wednesday, June 25, 2014

8 months down!


I should have updated about Ariz about 2 weeks ago. However, I have been very busy to really sit down list down what I remember about Ariz's milestone. 

Here goes nothing.

This month has been such an emotional ride for me! So many milestone that Ariz has achieved. He becomes the more and more active.

Let's see what Ariz has become

  • Weight : 7.7kg
  • Height : 68cm
  • Body movements and changes
    • 17 May : I felt his little bottom tooth 
    • 18 May : He started carwling
    • 19 May : He started standing up on his own in his crib
    • 27 May : 2nd bottom tooth is saying his hello
    • Early June (during his bonding session with papa) :  He started exploring and crawling all over
    • 2 June : Swimming was introduced
    • 11 June : Ariz took a big challenge of climbing up 2 steps

Baby Ariz, you are growing too fast and even Wan could see what you have achieved. Yes, I know Wan is away for 4 months. I love you, Ariz.