Sunday, May 18, 2014


A week ago, my partner Najea and I had a mentor-menti session with our beloved CDM Naa Kamaruddin. CDM Naa Kamaruddin is one out of many CDMs under GLAM - CDM Hanis Haizi, CDM Razali Zain, CDM Maisarah Ibrahim , CDM Syukran Helmi, CDM Shaliza Aziz and the list goes on and on. During our session, CDM Naa shared her tips and adviced us on the new #Peluangpanas and we set also our targets in achieving the next step in our business adventure.

Najea and CDM Naa in action, sharing the knowledge
This is one of many reason I choose to be under GLAM. Doing business now is easy - everything just by using social media. Then, once I stepped in it, I have been guided from A-Z. If you want to know what they are, come and join us at GLAM. 

CDM Naa always encourages, giving us tips and tricks 'Afif and I in doing more and better in the business. Apart from having mentor-menti relationship with CDM Naa, we always talk on our babies, share experiences, where we could shop for baby clothes and lots more. Yeah, it is nice to have someone in the same shoes as I am.
DDM Ashraf, CDM Naa and US + Baby Ariz

Not only personal guidance, at GLAM, there are some classes that are being held - classes on products, strategy, marketing. From these classes, we are then free to apply and definitely, we see the difference. CDM Hanis always gives her words of wisdom in every single class and this will boost our spirits in achieving more and more and towards our goal!

CDM Syukran shares his knowledge with GLAMPRENEURS
As for last night, we had an exclusive preview of Premium Beautiful by Miss Scarlet from HQ. The turnout was great, not only the class it is being filled by Glampreneurs but also, those who are interested in owning Premium Beautiful Corset. This is special about being under GLAM, everything is provided and Glampreneurs who came are those who wants to achieve and learn more. 

Ilmu itu rezeki. It is unfortunate if we don't take advantage of it. 

So, why wait?

Come and join us at GLAM!