Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shawl Tutorial

This past few weeks I have been getting quite a number of requests on how to wear my shawl. This style is very new to me and I am loving wearing like that. 

I have always been a Bawal (a type of square hijab in Malaysia), square tudung/hijab girl since I was in school. I have tried a number of styles before this and I have always come back to wearing square hijab as I think it suits my face better. However, with Bawal square tudung, I always have my bad tudung/hijab days!

Here's a link on what we tudung/hijabi ladies face. Though it is funny, but it is true! There was even a time when I was in France, a classmate of mine looked underneath my hijab without my permission. 

I have been following Raja Nadia Sabrina on Instagram and I fell in love with her hijab style and since I am clueless on the trend of wearing hijab, I just stick to my normal bawal square tudung. 

Isn't she pretty? Actually Raja Nadia Sabrina has already put up a pictorial on how to wear her shawl on her blog

Then I met Shai, the owner of Bonda by Shai who wears similarly to Raja Nadia Sabrina and I asked her to teach me this style. By the way, if you are looking for a breast-feeding friendly dress, Bonda by Shai offers a line of dress and I love them all. I already own 3 dresses from her. Click on this link to purchase.

Oh well, for this style all you need 

  • a rectangle or half moon shawl (In the video, I am using rectangle shawl from Purdy Petals)
  • 2 safety pins 
  • 5 jarum peniti (small needles) 
Why do I need lots of pins and jarum peniti?
To secure everything and though Ariz loves to style my hijab throughout the day, I like my style better.

Actually, you don't really need lots of them, it is all depend on you. 

Go ahead and click on the video and share your pictures with me ladies.


✿Cik_Azera said...

Kalau Zera cuba style ni..okay ke erk dgn muka bulat ni..huhuhu

Dhirah Abdullah said...

try la zera. mane tahu ok ke kn ;)