Saturday, May 31, 2014

Premium Beautiful

I have been waiting for such a long time in composing this  testimonial. Hopefully it will help you fellow ladies in knowing what Malaysia's Number 1 corset, Premium Beautiful helped me.

Before this I have posted my testimonial in wearing it before I got married and on my wedding day. Here is the link.

My testimonial before the big day 
But this time, it will be my testimonial on wearing this Premium Beautiful Corset after 17 days of delivering Baby Ariz. Before wearing this Premium Beautiful, I had my massage session with my confinement lady. She has done the typical confinement lady does including wearing the traditional bengkung (corset). I suppose that you ladies had seen this before.
The  traditional corset/bengkung
I was wrapped with this everyday after the tungku session up till the next day. Oh boy, my confinement lady was struggling and sweating putting it on me everytime as I had to lay on my back and she pulled it, tied it up neatly. I even asked Afif to do it and most of the time, it was not as tight and not as neat as my confinement lady. By the end of the day, the bengkuk would be either loose or crumple up (not covering my lower tummy anymore).
 At week 32

Once the session was over with her, I decided to wear my Premium Beautiful Corset that has been waiting and sitting in my closet for the past 9 months. Yes, I did struggle putting it on at first but I did it on MY OWN. No help needed. It is like when I put on my Premium Beautiful Corset for the first time back in 2011. 
 Premium Beautiful Classic and Premium Beautiful Elegance
First feeling, it felt good being secured in it. I don't feel my tummy running around here and there. My tummy was just exactly I wanted it to be. No jiggly here and there. Alhamdulillah I choose to put my Premium Beautiful Corset.

Oh during my confinement period, I had ordered 3 outfits for my best friend's wedding in December 2013. Sita and Syahmi of Unreveur came over for a visit somewhere in mid November. Sita measured me up and I knew back then that I was still big. By the way, I love Unreveur pre-order Raya 2014 collection! Go check them out ladies! 

On 20th December 2013, I went to Sita's and picked up my dresses! 

Boy oh boy! 

Those 3 dresses were BIG on me! If you don't believe me, feel free and ask Sita. I went back to see her the next day in order to alter them. Even Sita was surprised that I had lost those inches!
 On my best friend's wedding, 22nd December 2013, 2 months and 10 days after Ariz was born
However, the ULTIMATE goal for me was to get back into my Nikah/Wedding dress that I had worn in December 2012. 
 The Nikah/Wedding outfit, The ULTIMATE goal
Alhamdulilah, after almost 8 months giving birth to Ariz, I finally managed to get back in shape. Hence, to be able to wear the dress again. I was so excited! Honestly, I was doubting myself, thinking the zipper won't go up till the end. Alhamdulillah! 
 After 7.5 months and Ariz is here. (Taken on 24th May 2014)

What else have I done? 
Well, nothing apart I breast feed my little munchkin. No exercices were done as I don't really have the time to do so. 

How many kilos have I lost? 
I have lost a total of 16 kg. I have still 3 kg to loose in order to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

What are the benefits by wearing Premium Beautiful Corset after giving birth?

  1. Avoid having engorge breasts
  2. Gives our breast support
  3. Promote the milk production
  4. Supports our uterus
  5. Stabilizes our hormon
  6. Helps flatten our tummy
  7. Reduces the stretch marks
  8. Supports our back bone
By the way, the promotion is still on.

With this promotion, you will be able to get a rebate of RM300 with the purchase of 1 set of Premium Beautiful Classic and 1 set of Premium Beautiful Elegance. Not only that, you will be able to receive a Bonus up to RM600 when you become a member and you will be paying them at a members' price. So, there will be a total of RM1500 of saving!

Doesn't that sound interesting?

There you go my lovely ladies. If you desire to get back in shape after giving birth, contact me and I will provide you with as much information as I could. In sya allah. 

No worries free consultation will be provided.