Thursday, May 01, 2014

JTX AirTracker: The installation


Now we'll continue with our next step: Installing the JTX AirTracker. Please follow the following steps:

1. We should locate our engine's air filter unit. Normally, it's a box close to the engine and should be accessible to the user. In my case, Proton Preve 1.6 CFE's air filter senang nak jumpa, attached to it ada outside air intake channel pastu unit ni connected to the Turbo charger.

2. Try to estimate the position of the AirTracker on the air filter unit. AirTracker is best to be aligned in a triangular shape; in order to maximize the covered area. Kita nak semua udara yang masuk boleh bertindak balas dengan AirTracker ni.

3. Berapa banyak AirTracker kena bubuh?
< 1599cc = 3 pieces (1 set)
> 1600cc - 2999cc = 6 pieces (2 sets)
> 3000cc = 9 pieces (3 sets)

4. Peel off the sticker strip from the AirTracker

5.  Paste the AirTracker onto its position firmly. Installation is complete.

Some examples of AirTracker installation on other car types:
Mitsubishi Lancer/ Proton Inspira

Toyota Vios

 BMW E90

FYI, harga untuk satu set AirTracker ni adalah RM296 sahaja. Setiap set mengandungi 3 ketul AirTracker.

On my future entry, you can expect new updates on:
- Early experiences
- AirTracker fuel statistics & potential savings 

In case you missed my previous entry, feel free to visit JTX AirTracker: The introduction
- Afif