Monday, May 05, 2014

JTX AirTracker: Fuel savings


Finally we've reached the final part of my JTX AirTracker review: Summary and analysis. Let's jump right into the business.

Early experience after installing AirTracker

- Water condensation drops from exhaust after 15 minutes of running engine with AirTracker.

- Smoother engine acceleration, especially from lower gear shifts (significantly less jerking).
- Air-cond lagi sejuk (normally pasang kat 25°C, lepas pasang AirTracker kena panaskan sket  kat 27°C sebab sejuk sangat. haha)

Fuel economy analysis

My normal fuel consumption on 100% city drive (daily commute from home to office in typical PJ traffic and occasional trip to Subang Jaya - PJ - Damansara during weekends) is around 12 - 12.3 L/100km. After 2 fuel ups with AirTracker, my average consumption on 100% city drive with the same route and traffic condition has now dropped to 9.9 L/100km!

That means, about 17.5% of fuel savings can be obtained with using AirTracker in city drive.

FYI, I have been tracking my fuel consumption with using Fuelly every time I make a fuel up. Maksudnya setiap kali kena isi penuh pastu record mileage/total distance kita drive. Yang bestnya pakai Fuelly ni, kita boleh compare fuel consumption untuk semua jenis kereta, termasuk kalau nak compare dengan orang lain yang pkai kereta yang sama.

Below is my track record under my Fuelly account from 23 Sept 2013 until 27 Apr 2014. Kat sini memang nampak obvious perbezaan fuel economy before and after AirTracker untuk city drive.

Ok, to compare fuel economy on highway drive, recently I have made a trip to Cameron Highlands in order test AirTracker from PJ to Tapah on highway. Our benchmark to beat is 6.3 L/100km (this was made on 20 Sept 2013 - trip balik kampung from PJ to Kulim).

Fuel breakdown for trip PJ-Tapah:
- minyak 1 bar (5.85L) & 145km = 4.03 L/100km

Fuel breakdown for trip Spg Pulai - PJ:
- minyak 2 bar (9.75L) & 186km = 5.24 L/100km

Fuel breakdown for trip Tapah-Brinchang-Spg Pulai:
- minyak 3 bar (14.63L) & 143km = 10.22 L/100km


Here we could get from 16% up to 36% of fuel savings with using AirTracker on highway drive (with constant highway speed and occasional take-overs).

Dengan penjimatan 16-36%, berapa banyak duit minyak yang kita boleh save?

Andaikan kita isi minyak 3x sebulan, setiap kali full tank RM70 = RM210, untuk tempoh 24 bulan (jangkahayat AirTracker = 2 tahun) = 210 x 24 = RM5040. Kita assume paling kurang penjimatan yang kita boleh dapat pakai AirTracker sebanyak 16%, 5040 x 0.16 = RM806!! 
Modal AirTracker kita baru RM296, total net savings = 806 - 296 = RM510 (untuk tempoh 24 bulan).

Kepada yang berminat, sila hubungi saya (Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 012-3427507) untuk membuat tempahan atau sebarang pertanyaan lanjut mengenai AIrTracker ni. Terima kasih.

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