Sunday, May 04, 2014

Family Trip

Cameron Highlands

 On the 26th April, Afif and I decided to go on a Family trip. We wanted it to be a short family vacation, not far from Klang Valley. So, we were contemplating on either going to Taiping, Bukit Merah and Cameron Highlands. Since I never been to Cameron Highlands, so we decided to there. One of the reason we went for this short trip was, we wanted to test the latest product from Hai-O, JTX Air Tracker which could help us to save fuel up to 30%. There will be a review of it from this trip coming right up.

Day 1

We left Petaling Jaya at around 10am and headed our way to Cameron Highlands via Tapah.
Exiting Tapah and on our way to Cameron Highlands
The route for me was too challenging. It was winding but the view was Subhanallah serene. Way better than the concrete jungle we have in the capital. I did have minor headache from the route but it was worth it when we reached our destination at approximately 1pm.
A waterfall along the way to Cameron Highlands

We booked a room for a night at Copthorne Hotel (previously, it was Equtorial Hotel) thru 

Taken after having our dinner

Why we choose this hotel? 

Thru the website, it has a very picturesque view - the view of the Titiwangsa mountains and the rooms look great! However, when we reached there, there was a construction exactly opposite of our hotel.

What about the room?

We did ask for a Deluxe room which has a queen size bed. However, we had a double single room instead due to the mass visitors during the weekend. It's okay, we managed to make it work it.

After having a rest, we decided to go out and enjoy the place despite the light shower as forecasted.  We had our lunch at a nearby cafe and directed next to a Raaju Hill Strawberry Farm which is situated exactly opposite of our hotel to self pick our fresh strawberries! We ended up having approximately about 700gm of them.
Raaju's Hill Strawberry Park
Picking our strawberries
Family selfie (fail!)
The strawberries
Maybe 100gm of strawberries
After the Strawberry picking, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the night market in Brinchang, the town of Cameron Highlands. As we were going out, we could see a massive traffic jam from our hotel. I was being positive we could go there and we did test our luck to go there. However, after spending about 15 minutes in the car and we only made 300metres progress, we turned back and took away 2 packages of Nasi lemak from the nearby malay restaurant. The locals mentioned that the traffic is normal and usually happens during weekends and school holiday. *sigh* It was just not our luck and we called it a night.

Day 2

We started our day by going to the morning Kea Farm market where there were a lot of fresh produce - cabbage, sweet potatoes, brocolli, corns, strawberries, asparagus and lots more. It was just a 5-minutes walk from the hotel. What would our visit be without shopping for fresh veges! 

Next stop was the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Platation which is situated about 3.5km from our hotel. The road was again narrow and winding but the scenary was great. It was all green and filled with tea plant.  
Look at the tea plantation view
Ariz was starting to get tired 

About 10 minutes later, we arrived at the plantation. I love this place because there is a cafe on top of a hill overlooking the tea plantation. We had our tea enjoying the morning breeze of Cameron highlands.

After about an hour spending there, we decided to leave Cameron and headed our way to Petaling Jaya, our home. It was such a short trip but it was nice and refreshing for us. Thank you my dearest husband for driving us there and spending the weekend together.