Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Escape Room @ E-curve

On the 10th May, my friends and I went to E@Curve to play the Escape Room. I had made reservation a week prior to this date. 

What is this Escape Room?
It's a game based on solving clues and puzzles in order to escape a room within time limit according to the theme.

Since we were all new to this, the staff suggested to take up the beginner level room which was The Mummy - Tomb of the Ancient Pharaoh upon booking. There are approximately 6 different rooms with different themes.

When we arrived, we had to settle the payment before commencing the game. Once everything was done, we were advised to leave our bags on the locker so that we could move easily. We were briefed before entering how the game is played, the objective, where to start etc. No worries to the newly parents, no physical activities were required except bending down. By the way, we brought Baby Ariz with us.

When we entered the room, the room was dimly lit and there was a mummy and a few skeletons in the room. There were also 4 chests mostly on the floor which have the answers, the clues and of course, the key to escape. 

In case we ran out of ideas, we had 2 lives - we could call the staff to help us out. The time that was given to us was 45 minutes in order to escape the room. 

Alhamdulillah, we managed to escape the room in 43 minutes! Pat on the back! Good job dear friends! We had our pictures taken and it was put on the Weekly Challenge Board!

So far, I would say, it was a great experience to try it out - dig out heads, work together and think outside the box. The staffs were very friendly - the staff who was in charge of our team was very nice and explained clearly to us. 

So guys, another round of Escape room next month?