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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Premium Beautiful

I have been waiting for such a long time in composing this  testimonial. Hopefully it will help you fellow ladies in knowing what Malaysia's Number 1 corset, Premium Beautiful helped me.

Before this I have posted my testimonial in wearing it before I got married and on my wedding day. Here is the link.

My testimonial before the big day 
But this time, it will be my testimonial on wearing this Premium Beautiful Corset after 17 days of delivering Baby Ariz. Before wearing this Premium Beautiful, I had my massage session with my confinement lady. She has done the typical confinement lady does including wearing the traditional bengkung (corset). I suppose that you ladies had seen this before.
The  traditional corset/bengkung
I was wrapped with this everyday after the tungku session up till the next day. Oh boy, my confinement lady was struggling and sweating putting it on me everytime as I had to lay on my back and she pulled it, tied it up neatly. I even asked Afif to do it and most of the time, it was not as tight and not as neat as my confinement lady. By the end of the day, the bengkuk would be either loose or crumple up (not covering my lower tummy anymore).
 At week 32

Once the session was over with her, I decided to wear my Premium Beautiful Corset that has been waiting and sitting in my closet for the past 9 months. Yes, I did struggle putting it on at first but I did it on MY OWN. No help needed. It is like when I put on my Premium Beautiful Corset for the first time back in 2011. 
 Premium Beautiful Classic and Premium Beautiful Elegance
First feeling, it felt good being secured in it. I don't feel my tummy running around here and there. My tummy was just exactly I wanted it to be. No jiggly here and there. Alhamdulillah I choose to put my Premium Beautiful Corset.

Oh during my confinement period, I had ordered 3 outfits for my best friend's wedding in December 2013. Sita and Syahmi of Unreveur came over for a visit somewhere in mid November. Sita measured me up and I knew back then that I was still big. By the way, I love Unreveur pre-order Raya 2014 collection! Go check them out ladies! 

On 20th December 2013, I went to Sita's and picked up my dresses! 

Boy oh boy! 

Those 3 dresses were BIG on me! If you don't believe me, feel free and ask Sita. I went back to see her the next day in order to alter them. Even Sita was surprised that I had lost those inches!
 On my best friend's wedding, 22nd December 2013, 2 months and 10 days after Ariz was born
However, the ULTIMATE goal for me was to get back into my Nikah/Wedding dress that I had worn in December 2012. 
 The Nikah/Wedding outfit, The ULTIMATE goal
Alhamdulilah, after almost 8 months giving birth to Ariz, I finally managed to get back in shape. Hence, to be able to wear the dress again. I was so excited! Honestly, I was doubting myself, thinking the zipper won't go up till the end. Alhamdulillah! 
 After 7.5 months and Ariz is here. (Taken on 24th May 2014)

What else have I done? 
Well, nothing apart I breast feed my little munchkin. No exercices were done as I don't really have the time to do so. 

How many kilos have I lost? 
I have lost a total of 16 kg. I have still 3 kg to loose in order to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

What are the benefits by wearing Premium Beautiful Corset after giving birth?

  1. Avoid having engorge breasts
  2. Gives our breast support
  3. Promote the milk production
  4. Supports our uterus
  5. Stabilizes our hormon
  6. Helps flatten our tummy
  7. Reduces the stretch marks
  8. Supports our back bone
By the way, the promotion is still on.

With this promotion, you will be able to get a rebate of RM300 with the purchase of 1 set of Premium Beautiful Classic and 1 set of Premium Beautiful Elegance. Not only that, you will be able to receive a Bonus up to RM600 when you become a member and you will be paying them at a members' price. So, there will be a total of RM1500 of saving!

Doesn't that sound interesting?

There you go my lovely ladies. If you desire to get back in shape after giving birth, contact me and I will provide you with as much information as I could. In sya allah. 

No worries free consultation will be provided.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shawl Tutorial

This past few weeks I have been getting quite a number of requests on how to wear my shawl. This style is very new to me and I am loving wearing like that. 

I have always been a Bawal (a type of square hijab in Malaysia), square tudung/hijab girl since I was in school. I have tried a number of styles before this and I have always come back to wearing square hijab as I think it suits my face better. However, with Bawal square tudung, I always have my bad tudung/hijab days!

Here's a link on what we tudung/hijabi ladies face. Though it is funny, but it is true! There was even a time when I was in France, a classmate of mine looked underneath my hijab without my permission. 

I have been following Raja Nadia Sabrina on Instagram and I fell in love with her hijab style and since I am clueless on the trend of wearing hijab, I just stick to my normal bawal square tudung. 

Isn't she pretty? Actually Raja Nadia Sabrina has already put up a pictorial on how to wear her shawl on her blog

Then I met Shai, the owner of Bonda by Shai who wears similarly to Raja Nadia Sabrina and I asked her to teach me this style. By the way, if you are looking for a breast-feeding friendly dress, Bonda by Shai offers a line of dress and I love them all. I already own 3 dresses from her. Click on this link to purchase.

Oh well, for this style all you need 

  • a rectangle or half moon shawl (In the video, I am using rectangle shawl from Purdy Petals)
  • 2 safety pins 
  • 5 jarum peniti (small needles) 
Why do I need lots of pins and jarum peniti?
To secure everything and though Ariz loves to style my hijab throughout the day, I like my style better.

Actually, you don't really need lots of them, it is all depend on you. 

Go ahead and click on the video and share your pictures with me ladies.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Escape Room @ E-curve

On the 10th May, my friends and I went to E@Curve to play the Escape Room. I had made reservation a week prior to this date. 

What is this Escape Room?
It's a game based on solving clues and puzzles in order to escape a room within time limit according to the theme.

Since we were all new to this, the staff suggested to take up the beginner level room which was The Mummy - Tomb of the Ancient Pharaoh upon booking. There are approximately 6 different rooms with different themes.

When we arrived, we had to settle the payment before commencing the game. Once everything was done, we were advised to leave our bags on the locker so that we could move easily. We were briefed before entering how the game is played, the objective, where to start etc. No worries to the newly parents, no physical activities were required except bending down. By the way, we brought Baby Ariz with us.

When we entered the room, the room was dimly lit and there was a mummy and a few skeletons in the room. There were also 4 chests mostly on the floor which have the answers, the clues and of course, the key to escape. 

In case we ran out of ideas, we had 2 lives - we could call the staff to help us out. The time that was given to us was 45 minutes in order to escape the room. 

Alhamdulillah, we managed to escape the room in 43 minutes! Pat on the back! Good job dear friends! We had our pictures taken and it was put on the Weekly Challenge Board!

So far, I would say, it was a great experience to try it out - dig out heads, work together and think outside the box. The staffs were very friendly - the staff who was in charge of our team was very nice and explained clearly to us. 

So guys, another round of Escape room next month?

Sunday, May 18, 2014


A week ago, my partner Najea and I had a mentor-menti session with our beloved CDM Naa Kamaruddin. CDM Naa Kamaruddin is one out of many CDMs under GLAM - CDM Hanis Haizi, CDM Razali Zain, CDM Maisarah Ibrahim , CDM Syukran Helmi, CDM Shaliza Aziz and the list goes on and on. During our session, CDM Naa shared her tips and adviced us on the new #Peluangpanas and we set also our targets in achieving the next step in our business adventure.

Najea and CDM Naa in action, sharing the knowledge
This is one of many reason I choose to be under GLAM. Doing business now is easy - everything just by using social media. Then, once I stepped in it, I have been guided from A-Z. If you want to know what they are, come and join us at GLAM. 

CDM Naa always encourages, giving us tips and tricks 'Afif and I in doing more and better in the business. Apart from having mentor-menti relationship with CDM Naa, we always talk on our babies, share experiences, where we could shop for baby clothes and lots more. Yeah, it is nice to have someone in the same shoes as I am.
DDM Ashraf, CDM Naa and US + Baby Ariz

Not only personal guidance, at GLAM, there are some classes that are being held - classes on products, strategy, marketing. From these classes, we are then free to apply and definitely, we see the difference. CDM Hanis always gives her words of wisdom in every single class and this will boost our spirits in achieving more and more and towards our goal!

CDM Syukran shares his knowledge with GLAMPRENEURS
As for last night, we had an exclusive preview of Premium Beautiful by Miss Scarlet from HQ. The turnout was great, not only the class it is being filled by Glampreneurs but also, those who are interested in owning Premium Beautiful Corset. This is special about being under GLAM, everything is provided and Glampreneurs who came are those who wants to achieve and learn more. 

Ilmu itu rezeki. It is unfortunate if we don't take advantage of it. 

So, why wait?

Come and join us at GLAM!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Exclusive Invitation

There will be a special occasion at GLAM. 

Do you want to a secret?

A secret that so many women have been using to look good on RAYA but don't want to admit?

We at GLAM will share some HOTTEST beauty & fashion tips this season.

On top of it, best tips to loose weight and to look faboulousy stunning!

Thus, I'd like to invite all of you to an Exclusive Preview of PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL Corset.

Date : 16th May 2014

Time : 8.30pm-10.30pm


Don't miss this chance!
But before that, look at some of the testimonials!
CDM Naa's transformation within just 3 months of wearing it!
Before and after transformation. Look at my business partner Lily Marliza! Incredible right!
Register now as they are limited seats!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

7 months and going strong


My little munchkin is growing up so fast and this is the reason why I blog everything about Baby Ariz. I would want to look back and read about him growing up. Without me knowing, he would be running, then off to kindergarten, college then married, the comes the grandkids. 

Before that, what had happened in the past month? 

Yes, baby Ariz has started solid. We had try sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and butternut squash. So far, he loves them all however, he does not like plain water. Whenever we give him plain water, he would either not drink it or play with it in his mouth. I don't blame him because he has been drinking mama's milk. At least, he is eating! Thumbs up my little munchkin. 

When it comes to sleeping habit, he has been very very aggressive on the bed. He usually sleeps with us but throughout the night, he would be tossing and turning taking over the majority of my space on the bed. When he wakes up, he has started climbing on top of us.

Let's see what he has become
  • Weight : 7.5 kg (as of 30 April 2014)
  • Height : 67cm (from the last check-up)
  • Body movement
    • After rolling over, he discovered that he could use his hands and legs to move around. When we went to Cameron Highlands few weeks ago, we discovered he could move/crawl towards us while we were having dinner on the floor. His main motivation was FOOD.
    • He lifts his butt and already in the position of crawling on all four. However, he can only sway his body without moving his arm or legs.
    • He is able to voice out a few syllabus such as aabbaahh though we taught him papa and mama.
    • His grip is getting firmer and stronger.
    • He drools so much from time to time especially when we were in Cameron. So many things happened when we were there!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Infused Water

Let's drink more water

 I have been breastfeeding for the pas 6 months and one thing that I really need to fill my body is water. Yes,I have been drinking from my Rubbermaid 1L bottle and I refill it at last twice a day. By drinking water, it helps our body to regulate our body temperature and protect our vital organsI tend to force myself to drink water but, sometimes I get bored drinking it due to the taste.

So, I googled up ways for me to drink more water and infused water came up.

*Credits to Google
What is infused water?
Infused water involves steeping fruits, vegetables and/or herbs until the flavours fuse together. Such a healthy substitude for fruit juices, pre-made iced tea, carbonated drink and energy drinks.

So, I have been bringing LEMON infused water for the past few days to the office and my water intake is way better than before! I'm loving it! It is so simple to make! I just slice a half of a lemon and dip in the water. When the water is getting low, I just add some more water and the taste of lemon stays!

Combination might be interesting to try
  • Lemon and ginger
  • Lemon and lime
  • Lemon, lime and mint
  • Apple and cinnamon sticks
  • Cucumber and mint
  • Pineapple and mint
  • Watermelon, pineapple and apple
I might want to do apple and cinnamon tomorrow and Happy trying dear readers.

Monday, May 05, 2014

JTX AirTracker: Fuel savings


Finally we've reached the final part of my JTX AirTracker review: Summary and analysis. Let's jump right into the business.

Early experience after installing AirTracker

- Water condensation drops from exhaust after 15 minutes of running engine with AirTracker.

- Smoother engine acceleration, especially from lower gear shifts (significantly less jerking).
- Air-cond lagi sejuk (normally pasang kat 25°C, lepas pasang AirTracker kena panaskan sket  kat 27°C sebab sejuk sangat. haha)

Fuel economy analysis

My normal fuel consumption on 100% city drive (daily commute from home to office in typical PJ traffic and occasional trip to Subang Jaya - PJ - Damansara during weekends) is around 12 - 12.3 L/100km. After 2 fuel ups with AirTracker, my average consumption on 100% city drive with the same route and traffic condition has now dropped to 9.9 L/100km!

That means, about 17.5% of fuel savings can be obtained with using AirTracker in city drive.

FYI, I have been tracking my fuel consumption with using Fuelly every time I make a fuel up. Maksudnya setiap kali kena isi penuh pastu record mileage/total distance kita drive. Yang bestnya pakai Fuelly ni, kita boleh compare fuel consumption untuk semua jenis kereta, termasuk kalau nak compare dengan orang lain yang pkai kereta yang sama.

Below is my track record under my Fuelly account from 23 Sept 2013 until 27 Apr 2014. Kat sini memang nampak obvious perbezaan fuel economy before and after AirTracker untuk city drive.

Ok, to compare fuel economy on highway drive, recently I have made a trip to Cameron Highlands in order test AirTracker from PJ to Tapah on highway. Our benchmark to beat is 6.3 L/100km (this was made on 20 Sept 2013 - trip balik kampung from PJ to Kulim).

Fuel breakdown for trip PJ-Tapah:
- minyak 1 bar (5.85L) & 145km = 4.03 L/100km

Fuel breakdown for trip Spg Pulai - PJ:
- minyak 2 bar (9.75L) & 186km = 5.24 L/100km

Fuel breakdown for trip Tapah-Brinchang-Spg Pulai:
- minyak 3 bar (14.63L) & 143km = 10.22 L/100km


Here we could get from 16% up to 36% of fuel savings with using AirTracker on highway drive (with constant highway speed and occasional take-overs).

Dengan penjimatan 16-36%, berapa banyak duit minyak yang kita boleh save?

Andaikan kita isi minyak 3x sebulan, setiap kali full tank RM70 = RM210, untuk tempoh 24 bulan (jangkahayat AirTracker = 2 tahun) = 210 x 24 = RM5040. Kita assume paling kurang penjimatan yang kita boleh dapat pakai AirTracker sebanyak 16%, 5040 x 0.16 = RM806!! 
Modal AirTracker kita baru RM296, total net savings = 806 - 296 = RM510 (untuk tempoh 24 bulan).

Kepada yang berminat, sila hubungi saya (Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 012-3427507) untuk membuat tempahan atau sebarang pertanyaan lanjut mengenai AIrTracker ni. Terima kasih.

In case you missed my previous entries, feel free to visit 
JTX AirTracker: The introduction
JTX AirTracker: The installation


Sunday, May 04, 2014

Family Trip

Cameron Highlands

 On the 26th April, Afif and I decided to go on a Family trip. We wanted it to be a short family vacation, not far from Klang Valley. So, we were contemplating on either going to Taiping, Bukit Merah and Cameron Highlands. Since I never been to Cameron Highlands, so we decided to there. One of the reason we went for this short trip was, we wanted to test the latest product from Hai-O, JTX Air Tracker which could help us to save fuel up to 30%. There will be a review of it from this trip coming right up.

Day 1

We left Petaling Jaya at around 10am and headed our way to Cameron Highlands via Tapah.
Exiting Tapah and on our way to Cameron Highlands
The route for me was too challenging. It was winding but the view was Subhanallah serene. Way better than the concrete jungle we have in the capital. I did have minor headache from the route but it was worth it when we reached our destination at approximately 1pm.
A waterfall along the way to Cameron Highlands

We booked a room for a night at Copthorne Hotel (previously, it was Equtorial Hotel) thru Agoda.com. 

Taken after having our dinner

Why we choose this hotel? 

Thru the website, it has a very picturesque view - the view of the Titiwangsa mountains and the rooms look great! However, when we reached there, there was a construction exactly opposite of our hotel.

What about the room?

We did ask for a Deluxe room which has a queen size bed. However, we had a double single room instead due to the mass visitors during the weekend. It's okay, we managed to make it work it.

After having a rest, we decided to go out and enjoy the place despite the light shower as forecasted.  We had our lunch at a nearby cafe and directed next to a Raaju Hill Strawberry Farm which is situated exactly opposite of our hotel to self pick our fresh strawberries! We ended up having approximately about 700gm of them.
Raaju's Hill Strawberry Park
Picking our strawberries
Family selfie (fail!)
The strawberries
Maybe 100gm of strawberries
After the Strawberry picking, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the night market in Brinchang, the town of Cameron Highlands. As we were going out, we could see a massive traffic jam from our hotel. I was being positive we could go there and we did test our luck to go there. However, after spending about 15 minutes in the car and we only made 300metres progress, we turned back and took away 2 packages of Nasi lemak from the nearby malay restaurant. The locals mentioned that the traffic is normal and usually happens during weekends and school holiday. *sigh* It was just not our luck and we called it a night.

Day 2

We started our day by going to the morning Kea Farm market where there were a lot of fresh produce - cabbage, sweet potatoes, brocolli, corns, strawberries, asparagus and lots more. It was just a 5-minutes walk from the hotel. What would our visit be without shopping for fresh veges! 

Next stop was the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Platation which is situated about 3.5km from our hotel. The road was again narrow and winding but the scenary was great. It was all green and filled with tea plant.  
Look at the tea plantation view
Ariz was starting to get tired 

About 10 minutes later, we arrived at the plantation. I love this place because there is a cafe on top of a hill overlooking the tea plantation. We had our tea enjoying the morning breeze of Cameron highlands.

After about an hour spending there, we decided to leave Cameron and headed our way to Petaling Jaya, our home. It was such a short trip but it was nice and refreshing for us. Thank you my dearest husband for driving us there and spending the weekend together.