Tuesday, April 22, 2014

JTX AirTracker: The introduction

Hello and assalamualaikum to all, first of all let me introduce myself, my name is Afif. I’m Dhirah’s husband. So, what am I doing here? I’m here to talk about car related stuff. Tukar angin la pulak sekali sekala kan.

Ada satu benda yang menarik perhatian saya semenjak kebelakangan ni:
                                     JTX AirTracker

In short, it’s like a ‘koyok’ to your car’s engine. Benda ni kita bubuh kat engine’s air intake filter. FYI AirTracker ni adalah produk terbaru  dari Hai-O di bawah JTX series, baru je launch Mac lepas (2014).

AirTracker functions with Hai-O's signature FIR (far infrared) technology which could break the air molecules into smaller fractions, thus allows for complete combustion in the engine. 

Complete combustion » more efficient fuel consumption » less unburned fuel residual and by-product (excessive heat+ CO2) » better engine life and performance.

For what reason do we need this thing? JTX claims the following as benefits from the usage of AirTracker

  • increase engine performance
  • reduce carbon footprint
  • more quiet engine
  • reduce engine heat dissipation
  • reduce exhaust emission

So, my curiosity drives me to a point where I should do a comprehensive user review of this product. Basically I’m just interested in the 3rd benefit (which I think the main reason behind all this fuss); fuel saving/fuel efficiency.

(Sorry to all environmentalist out there, I’m not so much into reducing carbon footprint or exhaust pipe sejuk boleh pegang-pegang). By the end of my entries, we could find out betul ke tak claim JTX ni. Tu je, simple.

Kita start dengan intro benda ni je dulu. On my next entry, I'll show you how do we install this thing and the early experiences.

- Afif