Friday, April 18, 2014

Baby Ariz turned 6 month old

6-month development

I'm so sorry for updating Ariz's monthly progress due to the site upgrading. It is not 100% to its perfection but I am still happy about it.

So, let's get to business.

Ariz has been such a champ for the past month. Rolling over is not a big thing. What I saw another thing that made me a proud mama was, he knows how to coordinate his toys which is his hand to his mouth. I'm such a proud mama! And yes, as he grows, he becomes the more and more aggressive. It's true what people say, boys will be boys!

Baby Ariz has stared solid food on the 13th April
Let's see what he has become
  • Weight : 7.3 kg (as of 12 April 2014)
  • Height : 67cm
  • Sight : Distance does not bother him
  • Body movement
    • He has become a pro in rolling over.
    • After rolling over, he loves sky diving. Well, act as he is sky diving.
    • He can coordinate his hands movement - projecting anything in his hands to his mouth.
    • He is the more and more active either when he hold him, in the baby carrier, in stroller, bouncer or even on the floor