Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Long Distance Relationship

Mr. Afif is away

Today, 25rd March 2014, my beloved husband, Mr. Afif has left for Germany for 2 weeks of work for already 10 days. When I heard about him leaving for Germany, I was so excited for him! Who doesn't? Going back to the country where he had spent 5 years studying. If I were him and I was assigned to go back to Paris, I would be so thrilled!
Our family photo at KLIA

But, when to think about you will be leaving behind your spouse and also your baby, going away as a working man instead of a student, it became totally different situation. He did mention that he felt bad for leaving me behind taking care of Ariz for 2 weeks. I said to him "It's okay! I will be alright. Mama and Ayah are here to help". Yes, thankfully I have 2 great, supportive parents who are willingly to help me out - picking Ariz up from the nursery every evening, look over him while I pump, prepare his stuff for nursery, perform my prayers, bath, and the list goes on and on. Thank you Mama and Ayah. Could have not done it without you guys.
The BEST parents that I could ask for

Mr. Afif left us on the 16th March, boarding KLM and transited in Amsterdam, Holland. I used Radar24 to track his whereabout after the MH370 incident. Who doesn't? 
Tracking Mr. Afif whereabout

Alhamdulillah, he responded to my messages and Instagram mention after he landed.This is where technology becomes super handy! After landing in Amsterdam, he took another flight to a city, Hannover in Germany. 
Here, goes long distance relationship again!

Yes, yes, Mr. Afif and I had a long distance relationship before we got married. We met in July 2004 in INTEC, UITM, Shah Alam before I flew off to France 2 months later. Then, there goes our history of having long distance relationship for the rest of our relationship. 

2 years : I was in France, Mr. Afif was in Malaysia - The time different was not awesome!
6 years : I was in France (Chateuroux, Lille and Paris), Mr. Afif was in Germany. - Yes, the distance became lesser.

To be honest, even I told him, I thought we could only handle 2 years of being apart. But, to my surprise, it got to where we are today! Married and Baby Ariz came along! Alhamdulillah, Allah did have the best plan for us. The wait was worth it! Yes, I did get jealous when I saw my friends having the boyfriends near, being in the same city, spending most of the time together. 
In 2008, europe family trip. Mr. Afif joined us at  Frankfurt.

Supporting Mr. Afif in one of his passions

With Kura-kura Bintik
How did we do it?

Back in the days, there was no Whatsapp. I really depended on SMSs, online thru MSN Messenger, calling cards and emails. I still keep his email dated in 2004 and whenever I read them, it brought me to that time of my life. Oh yes, there was also Friendster. Who remembers that?

Mr. Afif and I would spend almost every Friday night together online using MSN Messenger. It would start from 8pm (2am Malaysian time) up till 12am (6am Malaysian time). It was Mr. Afif who had to stay up for me. What did we talk about? Everything in the world. 

Then, Skype came along, we upgraded from typing to talking. Better, huh? Thank you Janus Friss and Niklass Zenstrom. Though it came out in 2003, but we started using it mid-2005. No more extra charges on phone! On top of that, we could see each other!

January 2007, things changed! Mr. Afif landed in Germany. Things got way easier. No more time difference. We could call whenever we could. But, the expenses flowed so quickly! We saw each other almost every 2 months - either I go to Germany or he comes over to France. We even had gone on numerous road trips and holidays together. The most memorable was to Spain and Portugal in December 2007.
Barcelona, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Cordoba, Spain

Then came along Whatsapp and Viber! I think we started using it in 2010. By this time, my phone plan was super awesome - unlimited 3G! We whatsapp-ed 24/7. When we were at home, we skype-ed! It was as if Mr. Afif was with me, in the same city.

I would not lie. There were our downs - lots of them! And everything I was thinking of calling it a quit! But, Mr. Afif believed and held to our relationship. He never gave up in us and I really love him for this! Pujuk-memujuk never really worked on either of us. As for me, i would always let time to do its course. Kesian Mr. Afif. 
For those who are doing this long distance relationship, stay strong! 
Never give up! 
But most of all, do not betray his or her trust. 
No matter the ups and downs that we have gone thru, the distance, I am STILL into YOU Afif Anuar, my life partner  In Sya Alla till Jannah and the papa to my little munchkin Baby Ariz.