Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Go-getters 2014

Beautiful Circles Seminar

On 1st of March 2014, CDM Naa Kamaruddin, the founder of Beautiful Circles organised a seminar for all Sales Manager and Senior Sales Manager under her wings. This seminar was held in Grand Blue Waves, Shah Alam from 8am to 5pm. 
Before this, whenever there's a seminar, all groups under GLAM will be having the seminar together. However, as GLAM is expanding, each group under different leraders or CDMs holds their own SM/SSM seminar. 
After the registration, I entered the room and I saw this board. I felt proud to be apart of this experience. 
DDM Najihah Sulaiman

The seminar began with our bubbly MC, DDM Najihah Sulaiman. I loved the way she handled the event. She made it fun and at the same time, very professional. By the way, she is an engineer by profession and she is still doing this part-time. She has now reached second highest ranking in the business and now, driving a BMW.
Before the speakers start, DDM Ashraf Naseruddin recited some prayers and we sang Hai-O Perjuanganku. We even danced to Chicken-dance to get our blood flowing and to get ready to learn.
The first slot was given by my beloved leader, CDM Naa Kamaruddin - TAKWIM 2014 & Hala tuju Business. Everything that we do in life must have a goal same goes to business. Knowing the calender makes us ready and advance in business accordingly. Planning is the key! A quotation that  I will never forget "Successful People Always Take Part"

CDM Naa Kamaruddin

Next slot was with CDM Musyida Mohsin with the topic "Peranan Usahawan Baru & Ciri yang diyakini". She gave out a number of tips in order to help us in achieving more. A number of things to be done and to be changed in order to be successful. 
The most important formula is 
along with the change of attitude
CDM Syida
Once we were done, we headed off for lunch and zohor prayer. The choices of food prepared by The Grand Bluewave Hotel were so vast and I did not even taste everything!
Lunch with CDM Naa, CDM Syida and partners
I had my lunch with CDM Naa Kamaruddin and CDM Syida along with my business partners. We shared stories and jokes but most importantly, motivations and tips from them are the most things that I valued!  Thank you dear leaders! 
The afternoon session was filled with "Poco-poco" to stimulate our system after a very fulfilling lunch and Team Building. It was nice to get our bodies in shape and more motivated and at the same, we were having fun. 

During the team building session, we were divided into small groups with the objective of finding alternative ways of selling the products given, manage our time and tasks wisely and present it to everyone as creative as possible. Each one of us in the group did not know each other but alhamdulillah, we managed to pull something creative despite the limited time give. Oh yah, we were all judged by juries and announced the winner. 
Team Building Session
Congrats to MCism for the creative presentation of Mineral Coffee!

We were able as well to listen and grab some tips and advice by two business partners Cik Lin and Kak Mahani who qualified to Gold Coast for the first time. It gave me more motivation to work in order to qualify to Shanghai!
DSM Mahani

Cik Lin
And the grand finale was after the tea break, the arrival of 
CDM Hanis Haizi 
CDM Razali Zain!
Her session was very motivational and she has never failed to keep us moving on. Keep on working in order to achieve our dreams! 

Thank you so much CDM Hanis for your time and your words of wisdom.
CDM Hanis

Thank you to the organizers for organising this seminar. Looking forward for more seminar and activities in Beautiful Circles!
The Committee

Congratulation for those who made it to the
BC Go-Getters Seminar 2014!

Let's "Shanghai Aku datang"