Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Baby Ariz

5-month development

Ariz turned 5 months today! 
This month, Ariz has been struggling to get the hang of rolling over. When I think about it, whenever we put him down, he would be trying to push himself off the floor or bed and would be facing whatever that is behind him. With this position, sometimes I need help from Mr. Afif to either change him or give him a bath. Even when he is on his bouncer, he would be twisting his body and making me very afraid.

Look how he twisted his head and body.

Another challenges that we faced this month was the fact that he is teething and the haze. There was an evening where he was perfectly fine, giggling and playing with us. Suddenly, while he was sleeping, his temperature went up to 39 degrees Celsius. We did not why but then, maybe he got it when he was in the nursery, maybe it was the haze or teething. We looked for other symptoms such as diarrhea, vomit, just to be extra careful and Ariz was still fine. So, we decided to get him checked up at his usual paed and both of us took an emergency leave. He was prescribed with a paracetamol and he needed to hydrated as often as possible. 

A week after that, Ariz was having such a very frequent stool movement. I did not realize this but it was his teacher at the nursery. So far, at home he was ok - 2 diaper change due to the explosion of his poo-poo. It went on like this for 2 days. We did mention to the teachers to inform us if there is unusual behavior. 

At the same time, Mr. Afif and I got diarrhea and very uneasy stomach as well! Go figure! Good timing, right? I was so worried to consume any type of medicine due to breastfeeding. So, I let time to take its role. It went on for 4 days until I took carbon to ease the uneasiness. Since this happened, my milk supply dropped tremendously but I let Ariz latch hoping it would boost the supply up. 

Some of friends told me that Ariz was teething but I did not buy that! He was only 4 months plus to be teething. I did google up some information on teething and I was not surprised that Ariz is facing another milestone of growing up. Yes, teething can start from 3 months old but the first tooth will be out after 6 months depending on babies. 

Evidences that we know that he was really teething:
  • We did let Ariz play with some of his toys and everytime, he would bring them to his mouth and try to chew and nibble them, even our fingers!
  • Sudden fever
  • Sudden diarrhea
  • Drooling
  • Coughing
  • Skin rash 
We had an appointment with his Paed in Tropicana Medical Center last weekend and even she confirmed it. 
Now, may I know where is the Pause button?
He is just growing up too fast! It was only yesterday that he was just a petit bebe and now, he is getting bigger!
Our first family selfie in 2014 while waiting for our turn at TMC last weekend

Let's see what he has become
  • Weight : 7.02 kg (as in 8th March 2014)
  • Height : 65cm
  • Sight : Ariz is easily amused - facial expressions, numbers, letters
  • Body movement
    • He can now roll over comfortably and getting good at it.
    • He loves to stand and could not even sit properly for more than a few minutes. This make our arms sore!
    • He sucks his thumbs.
    • He is more active and kicking. Sometimes his socks or booties just came off of his cute feet!
    • He is starting to grab on anything - toys, hair, finger. There was a case that he knocked over a bowl of water!
Ariz who loves to turn and smile