Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby Ariz's Aqiqah

Let's get the lamb on

During the weekend of Chinese New Year, we held a Aqiqah for Baby Ariz.. For those who did not know, Aqiqah is a rite for us muslim when a child is born to show how grateful and thankful we are. We celebrated by inviting our friends and families to come and recite some do'a/prayers. Once it is done, our guest are served with food. 

Our prophet (Peace be upon him) said:
"A baby is being pledged for his Aqiqah, sacrifice is made for him on the seventh day, his head is shaved, and a name is given him. If one can not slaughter on the seventh day, it can be done on the fourteenth day, twenty-first day or anytime before the child reaches his puberty by his/her guardian"

We already shaved his head on his seventh day- he was still small and we did not re-do this on his Aqiqah day.
Poor Baby Ariz the before and after look on his 7th day.

Since baby Ariz is a boy, we sacrificed two lambs and the lambs were made into a sweet-ish dish and a roasted dish. Alhamdulillah, the ceremony went well and I really wanted to thank everyone who came. Though Baby Ariz was having runny nose and coughs, he smiled and laughed throughout the day. Mama and papa were so proud of you little munchkin. 
The ceremony, food and dessert on the Aqiqah day
Friends who came
Baby Ariz with his new friend, Ayman and uncle & aunt in purple.

  • Food by Mazia Catering. 
    • Lydia Bustami
    • The roasted lamb was super awesome and I am not a lamb-eater. Mazia Catering catered for my akad nikah in 2012 and the quality of food is still the best.
  • Candy buffet & choclate fountain by Partylicious by Dyahaha
  • Cakes - Red velvet, Lemon Blueberry, Maltesar Cheesecake, Strawberry Summer - SUPER AWESOME!
    • CuppyCatCake by Ashikeen Khamis