Friday, February 14, 2014

Baby Ariz

4-month development

Ariz turned 4 months a couple of days ago!

For the pas month, Baby Ariz has not been very well. It started with some sneezes, then came the runny nose and blocked nose, extra discharge from both his eyes and forgetting, coughs later on. Mr. Afif and I have been taking a few emergency leaves in order to bring him to see his pediatrician.

Since he is under 6 months old, the only thing that the doctor prescribed was Sterimar Nasal Spray (A french product!) to clear his nose and a eye ointment for the eyes. He got better for awhile but then, it got worse when he started coughing. *Sigh* It started very mild cough but it built up to a very rough ones until he would cry after coughing. All I could do was just breastfeed him to sooth his pain.

Sterimar Nasal Spray (Recommended by my doctor friends too)

During his aqiqah, he was actually sick but I was so proud of him for smiling and not fussing around. He managed to please everyone who came. Such a people's person my little baby Ariz. I hope that he will stay that way In Sya Allah. 

The day after the aqiqah, he went to see Dr Khoo in SS2. He told us that Ariz had very thick phlegm and already entered his lungs. Oh dear! So, Ariz had to be nebulized for a few minutes. Another sad sad moment since he cried throughout the process. Well, every babies and toddlers would. After the consultation and the treatment, he was so tired and slept on the way back home. Dr Khoo gave another type of nasal spray (now, it's a german product which I could not remember the name of) which is more gentle nasal spray than before. We went for nebulization for the next 3 days and he showed such a big improvement! Good boy baby Ariz.

But the joy was not here to stay, when I went for a follow up the week after since he still coughed. Another session of nebulization and this time, he was given a antibiotic that has to be given for 5-6 days, twice a day. Let's just hope that he will get better In sya Allah.

Enough with the sad stories, now of to the happy moments, Ariz is now able to roll over but he still struggles to move his hand in order to support his body. At least, he could roll! Alhamdulillah! Another milestone for him! Mama and papa are so proud of you little munchkin.

Let's see what he has become
  • Weight : 6.6 kg (as in 3rd February 2014)
  • Height : yet to be checked by the end of this month
  • Sight : Ariz loves his grandma's flowery kaftan! Loves numbers and letter! He would stare at clocks, My Mat and I think he is learning!
My Mat (Bought during RUANG at Subang during their opening)
  • Body movement
    • He kicks a lot!
    • He rolls half way and it is not easy to change him!
    • He found his hands and put them in his mouths
    • He found his lower lips and sucks on it.

Baby Ariz 4-month old look! He is in his Papa's MC Tie.