Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Best Friend's wedding

Part 2 : The Bride's side Reception

On the 21st December, after the Solemnization ceremony, it was timed for the bride's side reception. It officially started at 12pm and ended at 4pm. Us, the dulang carriers stayed back to celebrate the couple's union. 

We had a very wonderful meal with lots of desserts including ice cream, teh tarik, nasi briyani etc. Poor Baby Ariz, he slept in his stroller. Thank you Mr. Afif for taking care of him while I was on duty. 

At 1.30pm, the groom's family re-arrived to the venue, it was again at Bal's grandparents' house. Both the bride and the groom changed their attires into a Songket ensemble. I love when the bride and groom wear songket -  totally malay style. Even I myself wore Songket during my wedding reception. 

Alin, Peii, Sara, Hanna and I were given the task of being the first friends toll keeper. We had to "avoid" the groom from meeting the bride and we will eventually let him in with 1 condition - angpow! He must give us some angpow and then, we would make his way to another 2 tolls - the bride's brother and her aunties. Obviously, the nearer he gets to the bride, the higher is the angpow value and the difficulties of pleasing the toll keepers. 

When Shazwan arrived at his throne@pelamin, he and his family were welcomed and a prayer@doa was recited. The couple were also entertained by a number of Malay dances.

Alin and I 
Peii, Alin and I - the toll keeper 
The traditional throne@pelamin 
Shazwan the groom arrives
Shazwan and Balqis with their pengapits
Mr. Afif and I