Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Best Friend's Wedding

Part 4 the finale : The Groom's Side Penang Reception

Before the New Year arrived, Mr. Afif, Baby Ariz and I went to Penang. The reason is to witness the groom's reception. It was held at Dewan Tabung Haji, Bayan Lepas. For me, it was unique, my first time seeing a Pakistani-Indian influenced in the wedding Ceremony.

Bal and Shazwan were wearing a traditional costume. I love both of the costumes. Bal did whispered to me that her head scarf were so heavy. Yeah, I can tell - the material and of course the beading on the head scarf. Poor Bal! But I love it! I think that she does look good in red! 

When they entered the hall, they were accompanied by Bal's family and also, the sounds of a traditional indian drums (I can't recall the name) to the beautiful Pelamin. Shazwan also gave a speech - it was not an ordinary speech because it was in Urdu! I did not understand it but Shazwan's family does! I think Bal, you have to learn it as well! 

Shazwan spoke Urdu!

Mr. Afif, Baby Ariz and I with Bal and Shazwan and their parents.

The girls all the way from PJ.