Friday, January 03, 2014

The Best Friend's Wedding

Part 1 : The Solemnization Ceremony 

The last 2 weekends of 2013 were the biggest weekends of my dear, close, childhood, best friend Balqis. I have known her since we were in kindergarten and our friendship lasts up till now. Alhamdulillah! Now, she is married to her better half, Shazwan.

On the 21st December was the date of their solemnization. It was held at her grandparents' house in Petaling Jaya. Being one of the dulang carriers, I was supposed to be there at 8.30am but Mr. Afif, Baby Ariz and I came at 9.00am. Sorry for being late Bal, being a new mom, I am still adjusting about the timing when it comes to going out and punctuality of being at a certain place and time. 

When I arrived at her grandparents' house, the other girls were already there and Bal was still in progress to being pretty! I love her solemnization outfit. So pretty! The other dulang carriers were looking superbly nice in peach and batik given by the bride. Obviously, when Bal was ready, all of us took pictures together to immortalize the last few minutes of still being a MISS.

Shazwan came and his whole family arrived. At that time, Bal's hands were already cold. Who wouldn't. We, the dulang carriers, did out part - putting the dulangs with gifts for Shazwan in the middle of the room after we got the cue from Aunty Mawar (Bal's aunty). After the khutbah nikah by the jurunikah, then the moment has arrived for Bal. Her father took his place, Shazwan got ready in front of him reaching out his hands and while the others were getting ready with cameras. 

Us the dulang carriers, Aunty Mawar and the bride were in the room - waiting anxiously and listening attentively to the words coming out from Shazwan. With one lafaz, Bal is now Shazwan's wife. Alhamdulillah the whole ceremony went smoothly. 

Bal and I - her hand bouquet and dress were exquisite! 
The Dulang carriers and the bride 
Dulang carriers 
Oja, Alin, Peii and I were holding 4 out of 9 dulangs. 
The dulangs with gifts for Shazwan 
One shot with the couple