Saturday, January 04, 2014

Premium Beautiful Elegance

Let's get to know this latest edition

On the 9th November, a new edition to the family was introduced. The new edition that was launched is the new PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL ELEGANCE. 


This new PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL ELEGANCE has a few unique features:

  • Charming grey color
  • Soft fabric
  • Beautiful and attractive design
  • The front lace is converted into embroifery lace which is more elegant
  • All benefits found on the previous Premium Beautiful such as fat reposition, FIR, body reshaping are also found on this Premium Beautiful Elegance.

This new Premium Beautiful Elegance is recommended for those who already have the previous Premium Beautiful which is now called Premium Beautiful Classic.

What are the functions of this new PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL ELEGANCE?
- It locks the misaligned fat upon repositioning.

What are the results?
- It helps maintaining the contour of the body with greater flexibility and comfort.
- It will give us the desired body shape with time.

What is the duration of wearing PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL ELEGANCE?
- The result obtained will last after 7 months of wearing it.
- It may be used concurrently with Premium Beautiful Classic.

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