Monday, January 13, 2014

Baby Ariz

3-month development

Ariz turned 3 months yesterday! I can't believe that he is growing up so fast and he is already going to school. Well, it is actually a nursery but it feels like going to school. Definitely, it was so hard for me to leave at the nursery, giving a total stranger to look out for him. 
Looking at his face on the morning of his first day made me so sad and after leaving him, I did shed some tears.  But, I got toughen up. Towards the end of the week, he looked much better, no more being anxious, looking happy, smiling and talking (baby talk, of course). 
He used to be wanting attention whenever we put him down on his play gym or his bouncer, wanting to be carried around. But, only on the fourth day, he was already playing, touching the  dangling toys on the bouncer while I was cleaning up his bottles. My boy is getting big so fast.

Let's see what he has become

  • Weight : 5.6kg
  • Height : 66cm
  • Sight : Ariz is now able to follow anything in front of him. He can see me through the reflection in the mirror - I realised this when I was holding him while putting on my make up. I think his vision has grown.
  • Body movement
    • He kicks a lot and sometimes it is hard to change his diaper since he could push him against my legs. 
    • He smiles easily whenever we look at him and calling his name out.
    • He can be on his tummy and lifts his head high up for a while.