Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gentle Birthing

Assalam for those who left me comments in my Amani Birth Class post and fellow reader.

First of all, thank you for being caring towards my choice of choosing gentle birthing and in case, you do not follow my blog, please check my posts. Alhamdulillah, I safely gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in Tropicana Medical Center which apparently to be a HOSPITAL. Alhamdulillah, I had my gentle birth with the consensus of my gynae Dr. Fidak. She even supports gentle birth. Yes, gentle birthing can also be achieved in hospital.

For the past week, people have been condemning Gentle Birthing and AMANI. Please seek knowledge before condemning! Gentle birthing group DOES NOT support HOMEBIRTH. All the members of the group wants a birth with minimal medical interference. That's the main reason of the group and my personal reason why I opted for opted for this. If you are already in the group, please read the birth stories that have been posted up by fellow mothers who opted for gentle birth.

From the very beginning of my pregnancy journey, never once we (Mr. Afif and I) wanted a homebirth since it will be our first delivery. I went for AMANI classes was to gain knowledge on birth. Most of people went for delivery without any knowledge and I wanted to know what sort of procedures that will be done to me. 

AMANI classes that I went to helped me to believe in myself, eliminate the fear that people around us been telling us (including movies) and obviously, put the trust in Allah. Never once during the classes Sis Nadine promoted homebirth. 

We were boosted up with lots and lots of positive vibes and this is really important for my self confidence going towards the delivery date. I searched how to stay relax, breathing technique and not to panic when the time of delivery comes. I really took care of myself throughout my pregnancy by eating healthy (sugar, caffeine, water protein intakes), doing exercises and these points were emphasized during AMANI classes. 

I still remember what Sis Nadine exact words,
"If you do not eat healthily and take care of yourself, jangan berangan nak dapat gentle birth". 
Alhamdulilah, I had my gentle birth and thanks to Sis Nadine for holding this AMANI Classes.

The full story of my birth story can be read here

Please please dear readers, please understand what is gentle birthing and stop condemning!


✿Cik_Azera said...

Ini pasal orang bising bising ada kes kematian tu ke? Pada pandangan saya, bagus untuk ada ilmu pasal gentle birth ni.

Dhirah Abdullah said...

Betul Cik Azera. Belajar je tapi tak semestinya praktikkn. dapat positive vibes untuk deliver pon dah cukup bagus.