Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I survived

The 44 days of confinement

When I delivered, I was, I would say prepared for the delivery but the life after it, I was totally not! Then it clicked, my oh my, sleepless night, the little munchkin's crying, sore nipple etc. Alhamdulillah, Mr. Afif was with me for a week to help me out during night time, my mother helped me out during the day and my father who looked after Baby Ariz while we Mr. Afif and I eat.

Confinement lady
The confinement lady came to my house for the pampering session a day after Eid-Hajj. I thought that I would be great but oh boy, I was wrong! The first massage with her was so painful and I felt screaming on top of my lungs. Alhamdulillah I survived with a rather quite long nap and feeling all drained out. After the session with her, she backed out on me due to her pregnancy and she was not feeling well. I was so angry at her because of the last minute changes and everytime I called/sent an SMS to her, she did not reply! 

Then, off to the the internet to hunt another confinement lady! I wanted a stressed free period and stress was all I got. Alhamdulillah, my mother's best friend saved my life! She gave the number of a confinement lady, Che' Nah and the session with started basically a week after I delivered. According to her, when she saw me for the first time, I was so pale and almost all my body part was all swollen. And yes, again it was painful the first massage with her. 

What else she did for me? She boiled a mixture of herbs in a pot and asked me to drink a glass of it and have a bath (I washed my hair everyday! Yeay!) with the rest for 9 days. The taste was not so bad and I did not take other type of jamu what-so-ever. Basically I had a malay/thai type of confinement instead of indon type which means no pilis, tangas, params. But the tungku was a must! Even after the 10 days, I continued doing the tungku for almost 1 month. Che' Nah also binded me up with the traditional corset and I was in it for almost 12 hours for 10 days. 

Traditional corset (I can't tie it myself) 


Confinement Food
There was a list of food that I can not take for 10 days-strict diet when Che' Nah.What I remember, I can not eat are:
  • chicken
  • seafood
  • banana
  • anything that contains egg
  • anything that contains nuts
  • any cold vegetables 
In case you are wondering, I ate rice porridge, anchovies, daun pegaga (the last 2-3 days), beef and lots of ginger and black pepper. What an unbalanced diet! I was missing my papaya and any type of vegetables. I got really tired of this food, I guess who does not!

After those 10 days, according to my mother and my grandmother, I could eat anything and it depends on my body. 
Food  I craved for 

Post Confinement lady
Once the 10 days have passed, I was able to anything that I wanted. I even ate pizza since we considered it as bread (I ate 2 pieces of bread everyday for breakfast). Oh boy, that particular night Baby Ariz could not stop crying. Apparently, this was due to excess wind in his stomach and he was no comfortable with it. Ever since up till today, I have not touched pizza! Same goes to icy cold drinks, ice creams, milkshakes (another 1 month to go - 100 days confinement!) 

By the 3rd week, Dr Fidak said all my stitches has already healed and I can start eating other stuff. But me being me, I waited till the 5th week to start eating eggs and cakes. I was already walking here and there, doing laundry, retrieve parcels from the postman since I was alone at home. 

6 weeks post partum-Post Confinement
Alhamdulillah, the 44-day confinement is over! The first thing I did was baby shopping during the baby fair in Midvalley - diaper shopping (it was cheaper and I regretted not buying more!) and visit the in laws in Subang. Time to mingle for Baby Ariz to mingle with his paternal grandparents. 

Then, the date to get back to the office was approaching and as most mothers would feel, we wish that the day won't come at all and just stay at home cuddling with our babies. This was the time also that I started pumping and stocking on my breast milk. I usually pump it right after my morning shower while I have my breakfast in front of the TV (guess which channel that I love watching, National Geographic channel!) for 20 minutes.

Weight loss
As for the weight loss (I know this is the hottest topic after giving birth), when Baby Ariz was born, I lost immediately about 6kg (this include the amniotic sac, fluid, placenta and also, Baby Ariz). Then now, alhamdulillah I have another 7kg. I have another 6kg to go. 

I can not really go on diet as I am breastfeeding Ariz and breastfeeding makes me hungry so often! So, most of the time, I would munch on bread, cream cracker and chocolates! 

I have not even started any exercise routine yet and I have passed 60 days postpartum. Usually, it is already green light for any light exercise. Really need to contact Coach Ody for some pointers :) 

On top of that, I got tired wearing the traditional corset so, I opted for Premium Beautiful Corset  as soon as I was done with Che' Nah. So far, it has worked wonders and I am loving it! Back in my skinny jeans at week 7 postpartum!

Premium Beautiful Corset 
(I have been wearing it before my engagement with Mr. Afif in September 2011)