Friday, October 04, 2013

Week 36 update

4 Weeks to EDD

Yes, the clock is ticking! But they are people who said, Wait, and hold on. Yeah, I want him to come out whenever he is ready. Not too soon but not too late. Feeling excited and scared at the same time. Not about the labour, but more towards becoming a mother. Can I be a good mother to him? I really hope so, In Sya Allah.

This weekend, I had a blast although I was a little bit under the weather for the past week. Thank you ladies for holding a fun Baby Shower. It really made my day. If not, I would be lying on the bed, complaining and whining either about my back or my feet or my stretch marks! Hehe. Sorry Mr. Afif. Little munchkin is happy to be loved by aunties and uncles who showered him with lots and lots of gifts. Aunties and uncles, you will get a kiss when I come out to the world In sya Allah

On Monday, Mr. Afif and I had our 36 week appointment at TMC. So far, Alhamdulillah little munchkin is doing well. Kicking away. This was the time we asked for O&G report in order to purchase an insurance for him. Well oh well, the responsibility of being a parent starts now! His health is our top most priority.

Let's see what BabyCenter has to say about my growing little munchkin. But a little disclaimer, every baby grows differently. 
  • Little munchkin measures approximately 19 inches or over 45 cm from the top of the head to the heels and keep growing in length. 
  • Little munchkin weighs approximately 2.7 kg. But, from our appointment, Dr. Fidak told us that the baby is already 3kg. Boy oh boy! How can he put so much weight in such a short. 
  • I will be able to breath properly as he is gradually moving down. I have not felt this yet!
  • I will start to feel some pressure on my lower abdomen! Totally feeling it!
  • Walking will be a little uncomfortable. Yes, I guess so!

Week 36 update :
  • Braxton Hicks : I think that I am having it but I'm not too sure about it
  • Craving : A&W waffle
  • Pain : right back waist. I started feeling it when my granma asked about it.
  • Weight gain :19kg (I could not really remember my pre-pregnancy weight! was it 55kg or 57kg?)
  • Current weight : 74kg 
  • Clothes: My clothes are starting to look horrible on me! Horrible I tell you!
  • Mood : happy, excited, tired
  • Exercise : walking, breathing technique, squatting for 6 minutes straight and hopefully more
  • Stretch marks : It is here under my belly. I hope that will be it!
  • Swelling : slightly swollen. couldn't really differentiate it!
  • Baby movement : Very active! depending on how I sit. 
  • Nap : Depends on the days. 
  • Leg Cramps : Not so bad.
  • Belly button : Still intact
Have I told you that we will be having a boy! Yes, we are! 
C'est tout pour cette semaine! A la semaine prochaine!