Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Baby Shower

I would like to thank my friends and of course, my husband Mr. Afif for organising this wonderful and fun Baby shower! I was not expecting it but I kind of knew somehow. 

According to Mr. Afif, it was a blue themed shower since we are having a baby boy! In case you did not know. I did not realized until the end of the night. That was just too sweet of you girls!! Thanks to Bal and Peii. I heard you girls were the mastermind! As in french, ch√Ępeau! 

The baby shower was held last Saturday, September 28th 2013 at Yay, Sammich! (runs by a fellow ex-Sri Amanian, Basira) in Bangsar. I have been wanting to go there and try their food as it is highly recommended by Peii! 

Towards the end of the afternoon, I was kind of feeling a little bit under the weather. But, Alhamdulillah, I managed to see a couple of friends, Mah and Mas in A&W as I was craving for waffles and root beer float. The weird thing was, I was craving for it but I did not have any appetite to eat. Weird hormone I tell yah!

By the time we got home, we started to get ready as I thought we were going to a wedding in Setapak. This is the funny part, I love Instagram and was looking through pictures, then, I saw a picture of the groom whom we should go to his wedding that night. 

Then, I asked Mr. Afif, 
"Sayang, eh ni gambar Zarep ngn pengantin. Wedding diorg tgh hari tadi la. Bukan malam ni!" , then I saw his reaction and trying to come out with another plan, checking his facebook events. 

He replied,
"Alah, tgh hari tadi ke? I pon dah confuse sebab ade 2 weddings. But, confirm malam ni mmg ada. Cepat sikit, kita kena pergi Bangsar pick up KukuBin. Janji pukul 8

I rushed doing my makeup and what not. I wore pink kaftan and a pair of jeans since he told me, it was not a sit-down wedding reception. Trying to be casual and presentable. In my mind, I was still a little bit suspicious, keep on asking questions in my head "Who is Kukubin?, never heard of him before?", "Why are we picking him up in Bangsar?"

We left our place at 8pm. So much of punctuality. Remember I was not feeling well.

At 8.30pm, we arrived in Bangsar. Yet again, it was weird. Mr. Afif asked me get down for a while just say "Hi!". At the same time, the house was so quiet and the curtains were drawn. Then, I saw a familiar face, Basira the owner of Yay, Sammich!

I did ask her,"Aren't Basira from Sri Aman?" and she nodded! That did not make any sense! Then, I entered the house and I saw the tables being set and balloons. Then, I clicked in my mind - IT IS A SURPRISE PARTY! and all my lovely friends came our from their "hiding place" . 

They did ask, "Why are not surprised?
"I kind of knew it was coming, from the way Afif was acting!", as I greeted them one by one. 

We sat down to eat and the food was so nice, but I could not really indulge as I did not have any appetite and I regretted it! Loved the panini with cranberry jam!

Once we were done eating, it was timed for a surprised birthday cake for Bobo, Syana's boyfie! How sweet of Syana! I love the cake (Lemon and blueberry cake) but could not eat that much either!

While we were singing "Happy Birthday" song for Bobo, these two culprits (oopss!), two lovely ladies, Peii & Alin were getting ready for game time!

We were divided into 2 groups - Team Dhirah and Team Afif. Both of our teams had our own cheer! Yeay for that! That's the spirit! My girls were so supportive!

We played I think 5 games including guessing:
  • the size of my belly - We won!
  • the title of a nursery rhymes - Afif's team won
  • the name of melted chocolate in diaper (which looks like poop) - Afif's Team won
  • the ingredient in baby food - Afif's team won
  • match the parents and the babies - We won!

My team lost to Team Afif by one point ,4 to 5. As I said to my teammates, we lost in style, full of enthusiasm

Overall, I loved my baby shower~! I am glad to have them as my friends celebrating the arrival of our little munchkin! Can't stop being childish! Love you girls to pieces~! Little munchkin can not wait to meet the crazy aunties and uncles! 

Can't wait for the next party. Bal's Bachelorette party maybe ?

Maybe you guys are wondering, is Kukubin a real person? Apparently, YES! Mintak ampun ye Kukubin (Kura-kura bintik), saya ingat awak ni hanya rekaan semata-mata. 

*Credits to Mr. Afif, Oja, Bal, Nisa, Alin, Syana, Peii, Ili Naa, Zet for the pictures!