Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Munchkin

Our Little Bundle of Joy

I know that I have been slacking with blogging and this is due to the 180 degree turn in our lives. The little munchkin is out to witness this world after a few days of giving me signal that he wanted to come out.
Here is our little munchkin, Baby Ariz.

Now, Mr. Afif and I are adjusting our lives to adapt with his arrival and we never been this happier-working together as a team, check and balance and do whatever we can for this little munchkin. Just bear with me with blogging and I will resume when I stopped when I am used to being a mother.

Mama and Papa love you Baby Ariz. 


wawashauqi said...
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wawashauqi said...

Dhirah, bila nak cerita experience u gave birth! Tak sabar nak baca

Dhirah Abdullah said...

Wawa, baru update :) sorry lame sgt nk update. :)