Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Keep Calm & Birth On

Clock is ticking

Lately I have been very tired one day and full of energy the next. Well, that is what I have been reading from the internet. The joy of being pregnant!

When I was totally tired, I did not have much energy or mood to do anything. So, I googled for some positive birthing video and stories and even, positive birthing affirmation. Currently, I am reading "Ina May's : Guide to Child Birth".  This book is highly recommended by mothers on "The Gentle Birthing Group" on Facebook including Nurul Ili. I have been turning to her for positive vibes and advice when it comes to staying positive. Thanks Jams! You have helped me lots!

These positive videos, stories and affirmation are just ways to mentally prepared myself for the birth of my little munchkin. Alhamdulillah, I feel confident and positive about labouring without any fear. Let's hope and pray that I will stay this way up till my labour. 

Here is the list of some YouTube videos that I like watching. Certain videos that I like watching are private. So, I can not share it with you.
  • Positive Affirmation for Birth
  • Rainbow Relaxation
  • Light & Easy Meditation

  • Hypno Water birth
  • Ava's Birth

In Sya Allah, everything will be alright. Amin Amin. 
Please pray for us, a smooth sailing delivery.