Saturday, October 05, 2013

GLAM Class

Acquiring Knowledge on a Friday Night

On the 4th of October, I decided to go GLAM in TTDI to  gain some knowledge shared by our GLAMPRENEURSLet me show you how CDM Hanis Haizi set up GLAM for all of us, the GLAMPRENEURS!

The class started at 8pm every Friday night and everyone is invited to be part of the class in order to gain some knowledge. Yesterday, the class started off with CDM Syukran Helmi, the back bone of CDM Maisarah Ibrahim as she is away for another GLAM event in Sabah. The CDMs are everywhere to help their partners to achieve what they have achieved. 

Once the slot is over, we were motivated by CDM Razali Zain, CDM Hanis's husband. He showed us some clips and videos taken during the Korean FOC trip 2 weeks ago. By watching these videos, I am now more eager to Gold Coast as part of my first FOC trip with GLAMPRENEURS. Everything being paid for except for shopping!! Hotel, food, tour guide everything will be FOC! Who doesn't want a free trip and just relax and shop!

Then, CDM Sha Khalid was up for her turn to share the knowledge with all of us. She is so petit and but, her words were so motivating and convincing. At the beginning, she told us about how she started being in business and CDM Hanis who was there to guide every step of the way. Now, being where she is now, it is her turn to pass down the knowledgeHer session lasted for an hour and I scribbled up to 4 pages in notepad trying to equip myself with lots of information.

After her session, it was timed to award the top achievers of September - for those who achieved 100,000 sales and for those who managed to step up in the business. One of the achiever is DDM Ashraf Naseruddin, the husband of my beloved mentor, CDM Naa Kamaruddin who is also part of Beautiful Circle group! Congratulations Acap! In sya allah maybe next time will be my turn to go up the stage.  

After this session, I had to go back due to some personal reason. According to my business partners, there was a new CDM who was crowned last night and also, a motivational talk by CDM Hanis. It was very unfortunate for me not to witness and assist them. In sya allah maybe next time. 

I also missed the session with my mentor, Naa Kamaruddin. She always gives us, the Beautiful Circle Proteges some pointers, tips and motivation to move forward and always support us. How can you not be apart of GLAM and Beautiful Circle? The leaders who non-stop guide us in whatever we do. Keep on giving us moral support either by SMS, phone call, Whatsapps or face-to-face sessions.

What are you waiting for?

Choose to be in GLAM!

Choose to be in Beautiful Circle under CDM Naa Kamaruddin!

Choose to be my business partners and lets fly to Gold Coast, Australia together~!

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*Credits to Lily Marliza for the pictures