Monday, October 07, 2013

Biovelocity Sleep Mate Testimonials

An Alternative Way

I have written a blog post on  Biovelocity Sleep Mate (BVSM) before and I am amazed how this sleep mate can bring wonders for those who used it. I have seen a few YouTube clips, the users (who suffer from asthma, back injury, insomnia, told us their stories, experience and how they are satisfy with it. 

Below are the testimonials gathered on Biovelocity Day on the 29/9/2013 in Wisma MCA.

  • A police officer Sarjan Tarmizi who was paralyze from waist and below. Alhamdulillah, after using BVSM and with Allah's permission, he is now able to walk.
  • A young boy, Stevan Yeeng, who suffered from neurotmesis (Problem with spinal nerves) and Tuberculosis (Tibi) at the age of 1. The doctor confirmed that he would be paralyzed for life and would no be able to grow like other kids. However, after using BVSM for a month, he is now on his feet walking and enjoying life.
  • Kak Effa who has been suffering from asthma since she was a baby. Alhamdulillah, after using BVSM, she longer uses the inhaler.
  • Dr. Hasbi (CDM Adibah Karimah's husband) shared his father's experience on using BVSM. His father could not walk over a year ago. After using BVSM for 3 days, Alhamdulillah, with Allah's permission, he could stand and walk for 20 metres without support. Dengan hanya ikhtiar, usaha dan tawakal, semua ini boleh terjadi dan semua dengan izin Allah. Syukur, alhamdululillah. Check Dr. Hasbi's testimonial in his own words.
Ayah sudah boleh berjalan lepas guna Bio Velocity Sleep Mate atau BVSM
  • Then came a little boy, Darwish who suffered form a Cerebral Palsy. After using BVSM, he was able to move around actively, his speech was clearer and could crawl, sit and even, run. 

These are some YouTube videos that showed the testimonials from those who have used it.

Looking and reading these testimonials, I have no doubts in proposing this BVSM for those who are in need. Kita hanya berikhtiar, cari jalan alternatif untuk pulih dari penyakit. Dengan kuasa Allah S.W.T, Dia akan sembuhkan kita sekiranya kita berusaha, berdoa, bertawakal semuanya dengan izinNya. In Sya Allah

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*Credits to CDM Naa Kamaruddin, Dr. Hasbi Harun Lily Marliza for the images