Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 33

Week 33 update

I feel that my 33rd week has been so challenging. I really feel that I have fallen in that period again - 1st trimester. I get tired to easily. I have planned so much stuff last week however, I could only do a few.  Oh well, ups and downs right. Life must go on and I need to drink a lot of water.

Last weekend, Mr. Afif and I did (I think) our final round of baby shoppingBaby Checklist. There is only a few things left and we are looking forward to the Mom & Baby expo this weekend  (14th-16th September 2013) in PWTC. Hopefully we will be able to go on the 16th September 2013 after a long weekend in Terengganu for my brother-in-laws solemnization and wedding reception. 

On the 9th of September, we had our monthly check up. I was really excited about this check up because I wanted to discuss about our birth plan. Alhamdulillah our birth plan is approved by Dr. Fidak. Hopefully, we will be able to go thru the labour as planned and smoothly In sya Allah. Please do pray for us.

Apart from that, little munchkin is doing fine, kicking here and there, being active. He/she is kicking right this instant as I am typing this blog post. You little munckin always know when to make me smile :) . However, little munchkin's weight is 100g heavier that we expected which is not a good sign.  He/she might be big when the due date is here. I am praying that he/she will be just nice when the time comes In sya Allah. 

I asked Dr. Fidak about my monthly supplements, according to her, as long as I am gaining weight, doing fine, drinking milk. I can stop taking my Obimin and alternate my Neurogain and calcium intake. Yeay for this month charges! 

We will be seeing her in 3 weeks time when I will be 36 week and we will see from there. Maybe paper work for the hospital admission? Hospital visit? Who knows?

Let's see what BabyCenter has to say about my growing little munchkin. But a little disclaimer, every baby grows differently. 
  • Little munchkin might already has his/her head down for birth.
  • He/she measures approximately 17 inches or approximately 44 cm from the top of the head to the heels and keep growing in length. 
  • Little munchkin weighs approximately 2 kg.

Week 33 update :
  • Braxton Hicks : I think that I am having it but I'm not too sure about it
  • Craving : a plate of salad with lettuce, tomatoes, capsicum, corn, red bean !
  • Pain : lower back 
  • Weight gain :18kg
  • Current weight : 71kg 
  • Clothes: same old same old
  • Mood : happy and excited
  • Exercise : walking, pelvic tilt, squats, breathing technique
  • Stretch marks : Alhamdulillah, none so far. 
  • Swelling : Ankles and feet seem to be swollen. 
  • Baby movement : very active!
  • Nap : depends on the days. 
  • Leg Cramps : Starting to get serious!
  • Belly button : Still intact
33 weeks down! 7 weeks to go till the due date! Keep staying active!
C'est tout pour cette semaine! A la semaine prochaine!