Monday, September 02, 2013

Travelling - I love!

Travelling I love!

When I first got to know that I was flying off to France in 2004, I was so happy thinking that I could travel around europe - UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal etc. Oh boy, I was right! Travelling around europe was an eye-opener. In each country, they have difference influences to the architecture, food and culture.Even in France, we could see the difference between cities - Paris is different form Lille, Strasbourg is different from Nice etc. It was fun travelling with friends trying new food, going to different historical places, buying souvenirs! It was even more fun when you travel with your loved ones - my family and back-then-boyfriend Mr. Afif. I remember the time when we had to Skype and discuss the itineraries, budget, train tickets, flight tickets, hotels to book etc. It was so much fun planning for it! I really hope one day we could do this again!
  • Spain and Portugal trip - winter 2007
Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid
Here and there in Barcelona
Granada, Cordoba Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
  • During 2008 family winter trip to Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium
Frankfurt, Germany
  • April 2009, in Lyon and Grenoble visiting Johana

  • December 2009, in Munich, Germany for winter
  • April 2010, Cardiff, Wales for Malaysian games 
    • November 2010, Sweden a very cold mid of fall

    Stockholm, Sweden
    • October 2012 - Graduation trip
    Lille, France (where I studied!)
    Rome, Italy
    Venice, Italy

    Could you see that I love reading maps!!! 

    I always dream and wish I could do it again and my prayers have been answered! The door is opened and the opportunity is here. I could do all of these but this time I do not have to worry about the itineraries, hotel, food because everything is paid for! 

    This time all of us have the equal chances of flying to Gold Coast, Australia! I have been wanting to go down under and this is my chance!

    If you are interested to see the world and fly with the whole GLAM members, contact me now. I will show you the path and will guide you so that, we could fly together~!

    Join me now!
    012-387 5486