Friday, September 20, 2013

Nurich Lactolite

Nurich Lacto-lite

Have you seen one of the Premium Beutiful testimonial, Kak Ana? If not, here she is.

I have written in the testimony section how she lost her weight in less than a year by wearing Premium Beautiful Corset and on top of that, she consumed this wonderful product, Nurich Lacto-lite Drink. Look at her now, she is transformed and looking stunning!

Let me explain to about this product. 

What is Probiotics?
Probiotics is a natural instestinal flora found in intestine which helps to improve ecological balance of intestinal flora to improve our health.

What is Prebiotics?
Prebiotics is the non-digestible food that provides acidic environment for probiotics growth and stimulates activity of probiotics by supplying essential nutrients such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria.
What is inulin?
Inulin is the energy source for intestinal probiotics made from grouded root of chicory plant which is rich in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps to regulate serum cholesterol content and blood pressure as well as reduce toxins production to maintain healthy kidney. Besides, our health is affected correspondingly by the quantity of probiotics to reduce harmful bacteria (such as dysentery bacteria and cholera bacteria), enchance immunity, synthesize vitamin B group, maintain regular nervous system and nourish skin.

What is the difference between Lactobacillus drink and Nurish Lacto-Lite?
Probiotics in Nurish Lacto-Lite has been processed by latest technology and protected by 5 layers of protective coat to prevent its efficacy from damaging by gastric acids and bile acide while entering intestine. In addition, inulin is the energy source which stimulates growth of probiotics to maintain health.

Who should take Nurich Lacto-Lite?
It is suitable for everyone. However, it is highly recommended to those having intestinal discomfort, constipation or stressful lifestyle.

Has Nurich Lacto-Lite been recognized and approved by the government?
Nurich Lacto-Lite has been approved by Health Ministry of Malaysia for sale and is also recognized by Food and Drug Administration of US (FDA) as a safe food (GRAS-Generally recognized as Safe)

Lactobacillus group, Inulin

The benefits of Consuming Lacto-Lite:
  • Reduce production of toxic fermentation compound and harmful bacterial enzyme
  • Inhibits pathogenic bacteria and diarrhea
  • Eliminates sedimentary waste to east constipation
  • Enhances immunity
  • Promotes synthesis of nutritional substances
  • Promotes nutritional absorption in intestine
Mix one sachet with 200ml water/fruit juice/other drink (room  temperature), one sachet in the morning and night.
It is flavoured in vanilla. It is recommended to drink lots of water after consuming Lacto-Lite. 

For best result, consume Lacto-Lite with
Premium Beautiful Corset.

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