Thursday, September 05, 2013

10 tips for easier labour

10 tips for Easier Labour

I want to share with you ladies out there, 10 tips on how to have easier labour.
  1. Walk during early labour ans stay active as long as possible : by walking, the inlets of the pelvis opens up allowing the baby to move downward and it helps us to stay distracted.
  2. Rotate the hips during labour : Encourage baby to move through the pelvis. It can be done by sitting on the gym ball or birth ball.
  3. Maintain upright positions until you feel you must lie down (preferably on your left side) :  it helps to keep the baby's head applied to cervix which facilitates dilation.
  4. Maintain forward leaning positions : eases the work of the uterus which moves forwards with contractions/surges.
  5. Drink water to stay hydrated : dehydration can cause elevated temperature and reduces your energy output by as much as 30%.
  6. Keep you bladder empty.
  7. Completely relax during strong labour contractions/surges : keep eye closed, all muscles loose and limp and mouth open : full relaxation reduces pain and allows the body's effort to be concentrated on the uterus.
  8. Breath slowly, deeply and calmly : abdominal breathing promotes relaxation and keeps mother and baby oxygenated.
  9. Stay off your back : it prevents reduced blood flow and oxygenation to mother and baby and to avoid fighting the uterus's work of forward movements with contractions/surges. This is why it is good to be free while labour and not to be strapped on to the bed.
  10. Squat : By doing this, it opens the outlet of the pelvis and it allows the baby to complete its passage through these bones.
I hope that with these tips, it will help you and me to have an easier labour. In Sya Allah.