Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 31 update

Week 31 update

Hello Week 31.
Ya Allah, I'm in my 31st week! The due date is approaching! 9 weeks to go! The baby bump is getting bigger and bigger and hopefully In sya Allah, the little munchkin is healthy. 

So far, what I experienced, little munchkin is actively kicking me here and there and I can feel his/her movement significantly in my right abdomen. At least, I know that he/she is moving and if not, I would be worried. Mr Afif's ex-schoolmate posted this picture on my facebook and I could not agree more with him.

I am starting to feel tired like I was during the first trimester and breathless. I tend to exhale loudly as well and mentally, by doing that, I feel more relaxed. I feel by being active makes me feel a lot better and I sleep better!. What do I mean by being active? I walk more, I move more than before, I try to occupy myself with doing lots of stuff. Remember I am a girl! We are good at multitasking, ain't that right ;) !

During the weekend, Mr. Afif and I attended a Breast-feeding class organised my Gina Yong and Amani Class by Sis Nadine Ghows. The breast feeding class was exciting and I gained so much info and the phrase that I learnt throughout the class was "There's no such thing as no milk, but wrong technique of breast feeding". I will stick to that phrase and that is that will encourage me even more to feed my little munchkin when he/she comes out to the world. There is also a support group on Facebook which is called The Breastfeeding Advocates Network . From this group, mothers support each other and giving each other tips how to increase our milk supply. Ok, enough about Breast-feeding class. I will talk about those classes in my next entry, In sya Allah.

Let's see what BabyCenter has to say about my growing little munchkin. But a little disclaimer, every baby grows differently. 
  • Fat is accumulating beneath the skin and he/she looks plumper.
  • He/she measures 16 inches or approximately 41 cm from the top of the head to the heels and keep growing in length. 
  • Little munchkin weighs approximately 1.5kg and looks more like a newborn.
Week 31 update :
  • Craving : Papaya
  • Pain : right side of my abdomen since little munchkin loves to stretch out 
  • Weight gain :17kg
  • Current weight : 70kg - 1st time that I am revealing my weight! holly cow I am getting heavier!
  • Clothes: so comfortable in my jersey material clothing
  • Mood :  as usual emotional
  • Exercise : walking, pelvic tilt, squats, breathing technique
  • Stretch marks : Alhamdulillah, none so far. Please stay that way 
  • Swelling : realised that my hands and feet were swollen last Saturday! due to lots of standing up and lack of water. 
  • Baby movement : very active!
  • Nap : 10-20 mins every day
  • Leg Cramps : Starting to get serious!
31 weeks down! 9 weeks to go! C'est tout pour cette semaine! A la semaine prochaine!