Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 29 Doctor's Appointment

Week 29 update - Doctor's Appointment

We decided to meet up with Dr. Noor Fidak Samsuddin on the 13th August in Tropicana Medical Center (TMC). Dr. Fidaak is highly recommended by the members of Gentle Birth Group on Facebook especially my birth instructor, Sis Nadine Ghows. She handles her patients not only in Tropicana Medical Center, but also in Pusrawi Hospital and Gombak Medical Center. She is known to be pro-gentle birthing as my previous Gynae, she is very strict follow the book kind of doctor. It's ok at least I still have the time to shop around for Gynae.

Tropicana Medical Centre (TMC) is a proper hospital compared to KJMC, it is very nice with ample parking spaces. The interior of TMC is very modern and new. As for a new hospital, it is quite a busy hospital as I am refereeing to the O&G department. The registration as a new patient went quite smooth and I was called a few minutes later for a Q&A sessions with one of the nurses in charge. 

Dr. Fidak was at Pusrawi before attending us and I got to see her an hour after my initial appointment. My first impression of Dr Fidak is very good. She reminds me so much of my mother-in-law, so motherly, so welcoming and so warmth. She personally asked me to see her next month, setting the appointment herself which I was surprised as compared to to Dr. Fatima. She took her time doing the 2D scanning - explaining what we see and luckily, little munchkin was not covering his/her face. However, I totally forgot to ask her print out the 3d scan of his/her face. 

Let's see what BabyCenter has to say about my growing little munchkin. But a little disclaimer, every baby grows differently. 

  • He/she is approximately about 1.14 kg.
  • He/she is compared to a butternut squash
  • He/she measures 16 inches or approximately 41 cm from the top of the head to the heels. 
Week 29 update :
  • Craving : Cincau
  • Pain : I don't recall having any
  • Weight gain : a total of 15kg.
  • Clothes: love to be in maxis and skirts
  • Mood :  as usual emotional
  • Exercise : walking - not so much this week 
  • Stretch marks : Alhamdulillah, none so far. The belly lotion and oil that I have been using have been helping me
  • Swelling : It is starting to show around my ankles
  • Baby movement : very active no matter what time of the day
  • Fasting : Done with Ramadhan. Syukur, alhamdululillah
  • Smell : nothing this week
  • Nap : 10 - 20 mins every day 
  • Leg Cramps : a number of times, I have not been drinking enough milk. Mineral Coffee does ease the cramps. 
Getting back to the usual stuff after a week long of Raya and I have been slacking off about my exercises. 


Nur Atiqah said...

Hye Dhirah, i am also interested 2 see Dr. Fidak in TMC(since i wanted 2 have gentle birth too).Do u mind 2 share d appointmnt fee and delivery fee with her?

Dhirah Abdullah said...

Wsalam Nur Atiqah,
Do you mind sending me either email or whatsapp me for delivery fees matter? I can share it with you :)