Thursday, August 15, 2013

Take care of your Premium Beautiful Corset

Premium Beautiful : How to take care of it

Premium Beautiful Corset is such a big investment for me and I want to preserve it as long as I want. I want to make my money worth while. Even our silk, chiffon outfits are needed to be sent to the dry cleaner and took care carefully in order to maintain its shape and material.

How can we take care of it?
  • Hand wash your corset. Do not ever throw it into the washer machine!
  Pantang larang Premium Beautiful
  • Dry your corset under the fan or air-conditioning. Do not ever dry it under the sunlight.
  • Do not iron your corset if it is not dry yet.

no+ironing Pantang larang Premium Beautiful
  • Use a gentle liquid detergent. Do not use a very strong detergent such as bleach. It will ruin the material of our corset. You can even use PB wash which costs only RM35 as it is gentle to the material. 

no+clorox Pantang larang Premium Beautiful
no+detergent Pantang larang Premium Beautiful

Premium Beautiful Corset does not need to be washed everyday and only to be washed, when it is necessary (if there is smell, if you sweat a lot etc...) It if is still clean, you can continue wearing it for example, the waist nipper can be washed once a week since it does not have any direct contact to your skin.

How to wash our Premium Beautiful Corset?
  1. Pour clean water in a pail and add in some of gentle liquid detergent or Premium Beautiful Wash.
  2. Soak our corset in the mixture for awhile.
  3. Using our hands, gently scrub our corset. Avoid any sort of squeezing to the corset.
  4. Rinse out our corset till there is no more soap feeling on the material.
  5. You can either directly put it to dry or pat it to let the excess water out from the corset.
  6. Once there is no more dripping water and for shorten the time of drying, you can let it to dry under a spinning fan or air-conditioning.
Premium Beautiful Corset dries up within 4-6 hours and you can directly wear it the next day.

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