Thursday, August 01, 2013

Success story - Naa Kamaruddin

Naa Kamaruddin - An Inspiration

Who is Naa Kamaruddin who recently featured in InTrend Magazine August 2013 edition?

Let me share you a story, one of my beloved leader.

Well, Naa Kamaruddin is one of my senior back in my high school and originally, she is from Kelantan. She was in UTP, Tronoh pursuing her degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Right after graduating, she practiced in this field and when she delivered her first child, Danial Ar-Rayyan, she had to drop everything. At that moment in life, they were facing such a rough time as their budget were off and even had to dig up duit tabung and duit raya just to feed the little Danial. Listening to her story was really heart-breaking. 

Due to her financial status and how life is becoming the more and more demanding, she had to look for a job in order to help her husband, Ashraf Naseruddin. Since she was performing so well in her previous engineering company, her ex-boss recommended her to another engineering company as a project engineer. However, she was not ready to get back in the engineering field as it requires a lot of sacrifices - off shore duties, outstation, being away from her family. 

At the same time, her friend, Farah had been convincing her to join the business. However, she was not ready. Then, one fine day, she met with our beautiful and successful leader, Hanis Haizi and she presented to her the business plan after reading Hanis's blog about the business and her success so far! After discussing it with Hanis, Naa thought that this business suits her best and decided to join the business

Just after a few months and seeing her dedication, she was promoted to a few level of positions. She even qualified to go for her first free-of-charge trip to Hong Kong within a month of joining the business. She was super excited about the trip as it was a 5-star travel package, and even went to Disneyland. Everything for FREE! She just prepared some money for shopping. This is one of the benefits of joining the business when we are consistent with what we are doing. 

On top of that, she received a total of RM9000 bonus in her 2nd month of joining the business.

After this event, a series of beautiful and memorable events happened to her. 

  • Her 2011 hari raya was better than she had the year before. 
  • She achieved RM100,000 sales in month, in September September 2011. As a token, she received a DKNY watch and a Swarovski Pen.
  • She qualified her 2nd FOC trip to Holland-Belgium in the same month. She has gone for FOC trips for already 5 times - Hong Kong, Holland-Belgium, Vietnam, Guangzhou, China, London-Paris and next will be, South Korea!

  • Within a year, she was promoted to Crown Diamond Manager (CDM), highest postion in the business. With this title, she got her BMW 3 series and at the same, she is earning 5 figures income per month! All of these with the support from her husband.

During Hai-O 20th anniversary in November, she was officially crowned as CDM after earning that title for almost half a year. It was like one of the biggest event for her after her wedding! All her hard work has paid off and I, as one of the little baby in the business is so proud of her achievement and I am glad to be under wings.

Let's watch her official CDM video. In this video, she shared with us her journey in this beautiful business - how she started in Premium Beautiful Business and fast forward a year, she has achieved the highest level as Crown Diamond Manager.

CDM Naa Kamaruddin from Ashraf Naserudin on Vimeo.

Aren't inspired to be just like her? In sya Allah with consistency and support from family, I really hope I can be as successful as CDM Naa Kamaruddin

In May, CDM Naa featured on NTV 7 Bella Awards and here's the video.

NTV7 Bella Awards - She Sparkles Featuring Naa Kamaruddin from Ashraf Naserudin on Vimeo.

And this month, CDM Naa is featured in InTrend magazine. I just can not believe that she had achievements just by joining this business.

It's all about taking chances, a leap of faith

Just follow your hearts and dreams

With all the opportunities and guidance, In Sya Allah I sure hope one day, I will become like Naa Kamaruddin. 

Let's join me in the Green Leader Academy Malaysia (GLAM), under Naa Kamaruddin's wings, Beautiful Circle and we will help you raise together and be successful together. 
In Sya Allah. 

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