Sunday, August 25, 2013



If you have been following me on twitter or my facebook, I always update my status stating that I'm done practicing my breathing technique and relaxation and so on. During Ramadhan, it was easier finding the time to practice but now, I have some difficulties in finding the time. Well, excuses! I just have to find the time in order to practice to be relaxed for the BIG day!

Why do I practice relaxation? I get stress easily - sometime cry about it.
How do I detect this? I always sense it in my jaw - clenching my teeth. I also can feel the tightness in my shoulder and neck due to how I work, always in front of the laptop. I do not want to bring this habit of mine in the labour room.

So, I begin learning how to relax and it is important to get your mentally prepared for the BIG day! I learnt the breathing technique from my AMANI class, The Mongon Method : Hypnobirthing and also, from Youtube. From breathing technique, I can learn how to relax myself. 

Let me share with you a couple ways, how do I relax myself. There are a lot of ways to relax ourselves but these are the ways that I usually do. Mostly are from youtube since it's easier to share.
  • Listen to Rainbow relaxation. This requires visualisation and it helps me a lot. The sound of the lady in the video is so calming and soothing. When purchasing "The Mongon Method : Hypnobirthing", there is also the Rainbow relaxation CD. However, you can find a similar Rainbow relaxation on youtube.

  • Practice deep breathing and imagine how our babies will be delivered. I often practice this in the car while Mr. Afif is driving and he did not even realised it. My birth instructor recommends to do it while we are doing our business in the toilet. I have not tried it since it requires time. I can't insert the video here but here's the link - J breathing
  • Take a walk - either outside while breathing the fresh air or on thread mill.
  • Go for a massage or ask you better half to give you a massage. I always a Mr. Afif to massage my lower back and sometimes, my feet.

Every time after the practice, I feel a lot better, more energetic and fresher.
Thumbs up for relaxation practice! 

What are the benefits of relaxation?
  • Feeling that you have better abilities to cope with stress
  • Allows time out from problems, difficuilties and responsibilites - allows the body to rest
  • Improves your feelings or well being
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces the effects of fatigue and tiredness caused by stress
  • Less aches and pains - increased muscle tension
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Visual imagery helps to use your imagination in a positive way - especially in labour room
  • Your babies will benefits the less physical tension within the body during pregnancy
  • Specific relaxation can help to confront fear and frustrations and anxieties -positive affirmations. 
What are the benefits of relaxation during labour?
  • Reduces the pain and the intensity of the contractions - the unwanted hormones are not released  for example adrenaline. 
  • Helps to save energy - more energy to be used for labour
  • Allows labour to progress more easily
  • Can help to rest between contractions
  • Helps to cope with labour
So ladies, let's practice relaxing and we are a step closer to have our dream birth - natural gentle birth.