Saturday, August 24, 2013

Premium Beautiful Wash

Premium Beautiful Wash

I have talked about how to take care of your Premium Beautiful Corset in my previous post. So, let me talk about the Premium Beautiful Natural Wash in this post. 
Let me remind you, please wash your Premium Beautiful using your hands, NO WASHER MACHINE!

Premium Beautiful Natural Wash, what is that?
Premium Beautiful Natural Wash is especially designed for Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie and as well as for the delicate and exclusive type of garment. It consists of a mixture of chosen natural plant extract and rich of vitamins. It is gentle to our hands, safe to use and environmentally friendly. 

What is the specialty of Premium Beautiful Natural Wash?
It consists a mixture of chosen natural plant extract and rich with vitamins. 

What is the smell of Premium Beautiful Natural Wash?
The sweet smelling flower scent.

What are the advantages of using Premium Beautiful Natural Wash?
  • Cleaner, more gentle and has the sweet flowery scent
  • Does not shrink our fabric, expand or fade the colour
  • Gentle to the fabric and does not leave any oil residue to the fabric
  • The sweet smelling flowery smell gets rid of the unwanted smell
Do you want to preserve and keep your Premium Beautiful Corset for a long time?
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