Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gold Coast with GLAM

Gold Coast with GLAM

In September, GLAMpreneur will be going to Korea and my business partner is going as well. I was not part of GLAM when this promotion is on. But this time around, I am lucky enough to be part of GLAM and the promotion to qualify for a FOC trip is on!


Yes, you read it right! FOC - free-of-charge trip to Gold Coast, Australia. Everything will be sponsored and that includes accommodation, transportation and food. Just bring cash for shopping! Yahoo!! 

To be travelling outside of Malaysia costs so much. Even in Malaysia, we have to reconsider a number of factors. When this promotion is on, I would like to take the opportunity and try to qualify for this trip.  

Not only Gold Coast but there are a number of opportunities coming our way after this such as extra income, car fund and not forgetting, lots of new friends in GLAM. A journey starts with a single step and once that step is taken, our life will transformed 180 degrees just like my leaders CDM Naa Kamaruddin and CDM Hanis Haizi,  In Sya Allah. I'm glad to be part of GLAMpreneur as your leaders guide you to succeed like them. 

If you desire to experience the same thing
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