Friday, August 30, 2013

Gina Yong's Breast Feeding Class

Gina Yong's Breast Feeding Class

Mr. Afif and I went to Gina Yong's Breast Feeding class in Grand Seasons Hotel last Saturday with the conjunction of The Gift of Love Charity Bazaar. During this Bazaar, one of the events was to break Malaysia's Book of of the Largest Number of Mothers Breastfeeding Simultaneously and from what I read, the record is broken with 450 mothers participated in the event. Good job fellow mothers!

Who is Gina Yong?

If you are a member of "The Breastfeeding Advocates Network" TBAN on Facebook, you should who she as is one of the admins of that group. She is actually an accountant by profession but now, she has written a couple of books regarding breast feeding, owns a breastfeeding confinement center, Bondavilla and offer breast feeding talks.  You can read how she became who she is now on her site, Love Breastfeeding.

Why did we decided to go for Breast Feeding Class?

I have the slightest idea on how to breastfeed although I could find it online. I thought maybe an hour of breastfeeding talk would be sufficient during the ante-natal class in KJMC and I will all set to breastfeed. At the same time, my colleague who is still breastfeeding her almost 2 year old son suggested me to go for a proper breastfeeding class where everything will be explained. I searched for classes on TBAN and I found about Gina's class. I read through her website and oh boy, she had the same idea as I am - only a short class and all set to breastfeed her first newborn.

How did the class go?
The class started at 9am and ended at around 1.30am with refreshment at 11am. Normally, we would be given her latest book, "Love Breastfeeding" but then, there has been some miss-communication problems with her printer.The book will be given as the price of the book is already included in the entrance fee. 
Upon arrival (we were late by 5 mins), we registered and a bag full of goodies was being handed out to us. From vouchers to free magazine, samples and even free moon cake were found in the goodie bag!. There were also some information on what was going on at the same time in the main event hall.

Time to learn some important pointer from Gina!
She started off introducing herself and her story on how she became a breastfeeding counselor. 
Then came the information

  • On Cow's milk:
    • Cows are given bovine growth in order to produce 10 gallons of milk per day. As a result, by drinking cow's milk, girls are getting their period younger and younger. Same goes to the boys. Gina told a story about her daughter's friend who got her period at the age of 7! My goodness! that is young!
    • The process of producing formula milk could reach up up to 2 years old after being taken from cows. Errrkkk...
    • Main ingredients of formula milk are corn syrup (artificial sweeter and can cause obesity), MSG, melamine (widely used in PLASTIC, dishware, whiteboard) etc. To my horror! 
  • It is recommended to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months and in the first month, try not to use any bottles yet.
  • Breast milk can decrease allergy level.
  • Hormones:
    • When we breastfeed, the hormone Oxytocin (the love hormone) is released as well as when we give birth and make love.
    • Proclactin, a milk-stimulating hormone
  • Fenugreek is a type of spice that may boost milk production.
Fenugreek in seed form
Fenugreek supplement
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  • It is adviced to empty our breasts in order to avoid engorgement. When this happens, it will send a signal to our brain to slower the milk production. So, the keyword is empty breast = faster production, full breast = slower production.
  • If our babies develop jaundice, the level of bilirubin in their blood should be monitored and we should continue to breastfeed our babies regularly. Jaundice will disappear after 10 to 14 days and the good thing is, breast milk is the best solution to treat jaundice. Thumbs up for breast milk!
  • Position of breastfeeding
    • Cradle
    • Cross cradle
    • Side-lying
    • Football
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  • The baby is doing it correctly when he/she opens wide her mouth and takes as much as possible our areola and not our nipple. Make sure the nose is away from the breast to allow him/her to breath and the chin is on the breast.
  • How often to breastfeed for newborns?
    • In early weeks : 8 to 12 times within 24 hours - Breast milk digests easier and moves in baby's system faster. So, babies get hungry often.
    • On demand when our milk supply is not established which is every 1.5 to 3 hours depending on baby. Newborn babies should not go over 4 hours without feeding.
  • How long should we breast feed?
    • from 15 minutes up to 30 minutes depending on the baby
    • if baby stops sucking for more than 1 minute
  • What are the signs that our babies get enough breast milk?Gina told us that mothers are so happy when these events happen. Maybe I will be one of them, happy!
    • Urination : soaking wet diaper, 6 times per day
    • Poo poo : 1 to 3 times of poo poo within 24 hours
    • sleeps well
    • gaining weight
  • How can we differentiate between drinking and pacifying?
    • When baby is drinking, there is a rhythm - suck, swallow, pause for less than 10s
    • When baby is pacifying, there is no rhythm
  • The size of baby's stomach
    • Day 1 - 2 : cherry (5-7ml)
    • Day 3 : walnut (20-27ml)
    • Day 5 - 6 : apricot
    • Day 7 : egg 

If you mothers out there know more about breast feeding, do share it with me! I'm a noob!
I did gather some information on pumping and how to store them. Maybe I will write up an entry later on. 
There is also more information on Dr. Jack Newman's website including videos.