Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CDM Ana - Premium Beautiful testimonial

The consistent CDM Ana - from 98kg to 56kg

Right before I bought my Premium Beautiful Corset, I googled numerous times for some reviews and testimonials of people who used it. The first person I stumbled upon was CDM Kak Anna or CDM Hajjah Siti Rohana. She was featured in the cover of November 2009 Personal Money Magazine. Well, she is one of Hai-O billionaires and she became one by doing this business. If you want to know, how she did it, contact me and I will show you the way. However, that is not this entry all about. 
It is all about how consistent she was losing more than 30 kg by using Premium Beautiful Corset and Lacto-Lite. She started her journey in October 2010 and look at her transformation.

CDM Kak Ana at 98 kg

Kak Ana's progress - the 4th picture that was when Kak Ana started wearing PB and consuming Lacto-Lite.
Within 4 months, Kak Ana went from 98kg to 68kg
She did not stop there! In May 2011, Kak ana's weight was 50kg

Kak Ana was consistent in wearing her Premium Beautiful Corset for at least 8 hours per day for 6 months straight
At the same time, she consumed Lacto-lite everyday. I will talk about this product in the near future In Sya Allah.
In sya Allah, if we are consistent in what we do, you will get the result that you are hoping for.

Premium Beautiful corset is not only for making us look great but it is also to help us internally. It is good and beneficial for you, if you have
  • Back pain and slip disc patients
  • Cyst or fibroid patients
  • Asthma patients - helps to alleviate asthma attacks
  • Inconsistent menstrual cycle
  • Having trouble conceiving
  • Gastric
  • Migraine
  • Period pain
Don't forget that Premium Beautiful has a Lifetime warranty!

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